5 Reasons Why People Love Living in San Jose

San Jose is located at the heart of Silicon Valley, a valley that is currently booming. The valley provides the residents with an annual 300 days of sunshine. Besides, the residents of the valley are always busy and never lack an activity to participate in. The city, with a population of 1.9 million residents, is a small town with the potential to grow. Besides, there is a charm in the town that makes it diverse and likable by people. Below are several reasons why people love living in San Jose.

1.     There is always something to do

Come rain, come sunshine…one will always be busy in San Jose! For people who are looking forward to enjoying the outside world, San Jose is their place. Alum Rock is one of the outdoor recreation centers found in the town. The 740-acre park provides the residents with biking and hiking experiences where they could view wildlife. To those not interested in nature, the city has a couple of museums where both residents and visitors explore. The San Jose Museum of Art has pieces of art dating back to the 20th century. Besides, the Tech Museum exhibits the latest technology as well as design used in specialized programs.

2.     Availability of work

San Jose is among the leading cities in the employment rate nationwide. Besides, the city has also been highly ranked for job growth prospects and education. Due to the high growth rate of the city, companies like Adobe, Apple, and Google have set their headquarters in the town. Besides, some events are carried out to support start-up companies. Companies are still setting up headquarters in San Jose, like Samsung, who are setting their headquarters in the city. The headquarters will employ more than 2,000 employees. Thus, in San Jose, work is plenty.

3.     There are neighborhoods for families and singles

Great neighborhoods are a sign of diversity. Downtown San Jose is a hopping place, but for people who would wish to get away from the hustle, there is a family-friendly community. This region has a small-town vibe with tree-lined streets that have coffee shops and boutiques. Besides, the area is excellent for dog walking. There are free public parking lots that can also be used by kids who are playing grounds. To move into such locations, local movers from Suddath, San Jose, will be of great assistance.

4.     Schools for brighter futures

San Jose is home to some of the best schools in the region. San Jose State University is one of the best higher learning institutions in the area. The innovative institution offers approximately 134 bachelor’s degrees. Besides, the university also employs and feeds the residents of San Jose. Other colleges are popping up in the city like Evergreen Valley College. For elementary schools, parents are provided with an easy choice of selecting the best in over thirteen schools.

5.     Locations for day trips and entertainment

San Jose is far from other cities. This proximity has led to the city coming up with efficient outdoor recreation facilities. Less than 2 hours from the city is San Francisco, where the residents could visit the Napa Valley wine region. Besides, the city is just a quick drive to the beach. Nonetheless, the Yosemite National park is only four hours from the city. The proximity of the city to entertainment venues makes the city lovable.

San Jose is a developing city with high growth potential. The employment rates, schools, and safe neighborhoods are some of the essential amenities that make the city lovable. In a nutshell, being the headquarters of some major firms makes the city more likable by residents who benefit from these firms.