Monday, September 26 , 2022

5 Sign You’re On the Right Path (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It)


By Heart Centered Rebalancing

The ebb and flow of life is something that we all learn to move with as we get older.  Maintaining the understanding that we will all experience highs and lows as a natural part of life will serve you well.  When we find ourselves in the midst of crisis or turmoil, it means that we’re that much closer to revelation and clarity.  One rarely grows as much during times of prosperity as one does during times of adversity.

Here are five signs of difficulty that mean your life is on its way to becoming better:

You’re starting to recognize what you don’t want in life – Knowing what you want out of life can be one of the hardest things to successfully ponder.  An easier thing to do might be to figure out what it is that you don’t want in life.  These can be subtle things that might not be immediately recognizable, like how much you dread going to work everyday, or how drained you feel after hanging out with your friends, or how you don’t feel like your normal self.  If you don’t like a certain aspect of your life, strive to change it.

The cliches you hear all the time start to make sense – We hear these phrases and notions all the time, but we typically shrug them off, hearing them, but not really internalizing them.  People always tell you that there’s no substitution for hard work, that you need to live in the moment as much as possible, and that positivity is a mindset.  

You start understanding that you really are in control of your life, and that all of those little wisdoms and proverbs that are spoken of generally actually do mean something.

You reach a new levels of self-awareness – Becoming more self-aware allows one to reach deeper understandings of his or herself.  Realizations about both the positive and negative traits and characteristics that you possess start to become routine; you no longer embellish or try to justify details of either, you simply are.

Changes in life start to center around you becoming more like yourself, and not less – We all enjoy fantasizing about the life we want to live to some extent, right?  We take steps in the direction that we want our lives to go, but there are certain things we cannot change.  Dreaming about being stunningly beautiful or filthy rich are indicators that we’re feeling kind of crappy about ourselves.  Finding your center allows you to align more with who you are, rather than who you want to be, and this is good for the mind and soul.

You start viewing adversity in life as opportunity to better understand yourself – One of the things I strive to do most in life is take away lessons and understanding from all of the random experiences that happen to me.  From each relationship, a better understanding of how to love.  From each friendship, a better understanding of how to be a true friend.  Things that cause us great pain and despair often provide a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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