Monday, September 26 , 2022

5 Steps to Help you Choose the Perfect Colour For Composite Decking


Since you have now decided to go for composite decking in your lawn, your next task is to choose the colour of your composite decking. No doubt, this is a substantial investment and your decking should last for a long time. One good thing is that decking requires low maintenance and also eliminates the threats of external elements like moulds and mites acting on it because of the high percentage of plastic in it. Also, as compared to traditional wooden decking, it is eco-friendly and long-lasting.

The backyard where you get the decking done is the place where you can hold family gatherings, bbq parties, birthday celebrations, or you can simply put chairs on it to enjoy the sun in the summers. It also accounts for a beautiful exterior look of your house. Hence it is a big decision that requires you to take all things into account.

There are different designs and colours of decking available, but it is the colour of the decking that has the strongest impact on the way it looks. Hence here is a step by step guide to help you choose the perfect colour

Step 1: The colour should be in complement or be in contrast to your theme

Take an overview of your house; take into account the colours your theme is based on. Also, take into account the climatic conditions of the area you live in. You might end up in terms of neutrals, costal or natural colours. If you like a monochromatic theme, grey composite decking is the best choice for you. When you choose composite decking, you have a choice of a multitude of colours.

Step 2: Think about the external factors

Now, this decision requires you to evaluate where your composite decking will be laid. If you’re setting something in the sun, dark colours like black and grey which attract a lot of heat might get your house hotter. Whereas neutral-coloured decks such as light grey or off-white can be cooler. So if you like darker floors but don’t want too much heat, you can incorporate an umbrella or shades that protect the deck floor from direct sunlight. The external factors play a significant role in the colour of your decks in setting up the temperature of your house.

Step 3: Consider the place where you are getting the decking done

Also, if you are placing the decks near your lawn, you might want to keep in mind that the dust is more visible on dark surfaces. If it is in the outdoor kitchen area then to have the place more illuminated, you would want to consider lighter decking board colours. If your house is set in modern contemporary design, then stone-coloured grey decking boards would be the perfect fit and give the house a crisp appearance to the onlookers. Meanwhile, if you go for a traditional look, then wooden outlook composite decking boards can be the right choice. They give the aesthetic look of wood without the trouble of moulds and mites infestation.

Step 4: The symmetry of the place where you plan to have your decking done

You might want to get decking done in your whole house but doing that when you transit from your front house to the backyard, you might want to consider the visual factor transition. You have to connect one area of your home to another; you have to choose complementing colours of deckings. Also, contrasts can be made. However, too much dark to light can be shocking to the viewer, and the house will lose its beautiful view.

Step 5: Play with a variety

Now one colour seems to dull, different colours neutral tones can be aesthetically pleasing. Also, other than colours, composite deckings have different patterns with which you can create a whole theme. Also, many companies offer you samples of decks you can keep one at your desired place and check out if it fits.

Hopefully, this article has helped you decide on the colour you want for your decking in your home.

Choose well and wisely as it is a one-time decision that will last you a lifetime.