5 Technology Trends That are Changing the Face of the Health and Fitness Industry

Be it any small facet or the biggest one; technology has left no industry untouched. From involving technology in the practical sector to upgrading the daily life routine, technology has made changes in various perspectives compared to the old days. Be it mobile phones, the internet or fast cars; technology had its hands everywhere. 

Likewise, the health and fitness industry is also affected by advanced technology. And this has proved to be a boon for various fitness lovers. Whether it is marketing, payment transactions, or even advanced machinery, technology has introduced tremendous changes in every aspect. 

Here are the top 5 technology trends that are changing the health and fitness industry. 


  • Online reservations for fitness classes


Gone are the days when people had to move from one fitness Centre to the other looking for some booking or reservation. Nearly all the fitness center’s are now having their websites providing with all the details regarding the fitness center, the services they provide, and even a secure payment gateway. 

This has made it easy for the operators, instructors, and even the customers to make an online reservation at any Centre through emails or calls and make payments too. Again, just as making a reservation is easy, canceling the same is easy too. This makes reservations easier for both the owners and the customers. 


  • Online fitness instructions


Not having time to visit the fitness centers? Or having fitness equipment at home but lacking a proper fitness program? Technology has the solution to it. According to a survey, online training centers have increased by 163% globally. There are various fitness programs available in the market with accurate instructions that help in remaining healthy and fit. 

The instructions include basic weight lifting training to virtual training programs, including diet instructions. So, why look for paying a hefty amount to the Fitness Centre when you can easily learn through various blogs and videos available online like YouTube free of cost! 


  • Introduction of Fitness Apps

With the technology came mobile applications that have captured a good portion of the fitness market. The apps not only provide quick and easy access to the users but also help in tracking the fitness on a daily basis. The apps also get you close to particular fitness nutritionists that help you with day to day tips for developing a healthy routine. 

There are particular apps that provide memberships connected with club experience with engaged members. The members through this app are liable to visualize the schedules of the classes and register for the same. The apps are also effectively used by the trainers to keep a watch on the workouts of the members, their history and progress too. 


  • Advanced Fitness Gadgets


The woolen socks, wrist bands, headbands are now quite old fashioned. Today, even the fitness gadgets or wearable gadgets come with a touch of technology. Made with sensors entrenched in them, they have become the ultimate fitness partners and trackers. The gadgets or trackers are available in a wide range of finishes, styles, and sizes too that add some fashion standards to the wearer. The advanced gadgets not only provide you with tracking, but also help in measuring the levels of activity, tracking the heart rate, and managing various mechanisms of the body. The sports wristband is the widely used wearable gadget, which is capable of covering the entire progress of your body fitness levels.


  • Improvised fitness machinery


Remember working on the old fitness machinery? That irritating noise from it, counting back in your mind, and what not was involved as you complete your sessions on it. But now, with the help of technology, improvised machines are available that are easy to use and manage too. 

Just consider a simple treadmill. With new and advanced levels, it comes with features like monitoring heart rates, surrounds sound, integration of television, and much more. Apart from the treadmill, there are several other fitness machinery upgraded to benefit the users. The machinery also provides smart ways of limiting the exercises by setting the working minutes that help in accurately following the fitness schedule. 

It’s true when such advanced technologies are introduced in the field of health and fitness; everyone is surely going to achieve their goals. The users of the technology become more self-directed, which adds to their positivity and experience of interaction. On the other hand, the increased usage of technology in the fitness industry has reduced the number of gaming complaints and the failure of rates too. 

For the managers, with the help of technology, they have experienced an increase in the number of people in the fitness centers, constancy in the gym members, reduction in design costs and printing charges, cost-effective, and much more. 

Author Bio:

Happy Patel is a digital marketing executive at Space-O technologies, the mobile app development company. She loves to write informative articles and share her knowledge through content marketing. She is an avid reader and likes to read about the latest trends and news in the mobile app industry.