Hairdresser Ruins Your Hair

5 Things To Do When A Hairdresser Ruins Your Hair

Hairdresser Ruins Your Hair

Going to the salon to have your hair fixed is a good idea. After all, hairdressers are experts at what they do, and getting your hair fixed by a professional is bound to work out better than trying to fix it yourself. However, hair disasters are inevitable, and there are days when you might wonder, “can you sue a hairdresser?” The answer is yes, but you will need legal advice from a lawyer to do so.

If you happen to experience lousy hairstyling from an awful hairdresser, here are five suggestions on what to try before filing a claim:

Give your hair some TLC

If you don’t want to sue the salon or hairdresser, you can just let it go and treat your hair yourself. Like all things in life, hair needs some tender loving care now and then. So, when you come back from the salon with your hair looking frizzy or unmanageable, put it in a bun to get it out of your way. You may apply some leave-in conditioner, too. Wash it when the weather is humid to avoid unwanted oils. 

Find a new hairdresser

If someone is consistently ruining your hair, it’s time to find a new hairdresser. In fact, if a stylist ruins your hair once, there’s no reason for you to come back. There are many good hairdressers out there who can give your hair the treatment it deserves. 

Gather evidence

If you want to pursue a complaint against the hairdresser, make sure you gather all the documents, including the receipts and photos from the incident. Present it to your lawyer or the hair salon manager. If there’s no documentation of the exact service done to your hair, then use something else as evidence, e.g., “I showed the stylist a photo of what I wanted, and she said my hair was colored with Wella dye.” This is much as you can do if there’s nothing in writing.

Ask the hairdresser to fix it

Sometimes hairdressers are so embarrassed by their mistake that they offer to fix it for free. If you have enough evidence to prove their oversight, then there’s no harm in asking nicely if they could repair the damage. If this is not an option because of your schedule — for instance, you’re leaving on holiday tomorrow — then go ahead and ask for a refund. It never hurts to ask!

Sue them

If all else fails, you can sue your hairstylist and demand that they compensate for the damages. However, before you pursue this, make sure you confirm the following:

  • You have enough evidence to win your legal case.
  • You can afford to pay for a lawyer who has experience in hairstyling lawsuits.
  • Your hairdresser does not work for a salon or business that is owned by their close family members (e.g., spouses, parents).

If all of these apply to your situation, then it might be well worth your time and money to go ahead and seek advice from them.