Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

5 Things to Know Before Dating the Girl Who is Perpetually Single


By Seth M

The girl who is perpetually single seems to be becoming the new norm as more and more women find themselves perfectly happy living the single life.  These women are usually fierce and independent, focused on living the life they want to live, disregarding the words of anyone who says otherwise.

Dating these women can be difficult because they’re so badass, here are five things to know before trying to commit:

She’s not single because nobody desires her – It’s not that she’s the one who gets overlooked or is somehow undesirable; it’s simply that she hasn’t found a person who gives her enough reason to want to be serious with them.  She’s selective, so if you’re dating her, congratulations.

She’s strong – She’s been through it all before.  She’s been canned from her job, she’s fought tough fights with close friends, and she’s lost loved ones–entirely without a boyfriend.  She’s weathered the worst of storms and knows how to be there for you when you need her to be.

She wants you to have your own friends – Going out for girls night or just wanting to hang at home by herself, she’ll always encourage you to socialize without her.  She has her life, she wants you to have one too.

She likes feeling self-sufficient – She enjoys doing things for herself.  She’ll change the lightbulb and pay her own way.  They know how to operate effectively in the real world, so dating this girl won’t be taxing on your bank account.

She doesn’t need someone to complete her, only someone to inspire her – This woman’s ideal man motivates and encourages her to be better, not someone that she can’t live without.  Know that she never needs you, but she wants you.

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