Monday, December 5 , 2022

5 Things To Understand About a Gemini


Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is one of the most fascinating signs in the Zodiac.  Gemini is known as “The Twins” and people born under this sign have two distinct personalities.

They’re witty, social, curious and creative, but can also be emotionally unreachable and withdrawn.

If you know someone who seems to have a split personality, it doesn’t mean that they’re crazy, they may just be a Gemini!  Below are 5 things you need to understand if you live, work or socialize with a Gemini.

1. They’re very sociable

Geminis are very sociable people.  They aren’t known to be homebodies, but they do love to be at home.  One weekend you might find them out partying until the cows come home, the next weekend they’ll want to just be home alone with Netflix.

It all depends on what mood they’re in at the moment.

2. They are flirts!

But, this doesn’t mean they can’t have a monogamous relationship.  Geminis are faithful and loyal, but they do love to flirt!  Geminis love being the center of attention and their flirty nature gets them plenty of it.

But, at the end of the night, they want nothing more than to go home and just be with you.

3. They’re high achievers

Geminis are much more motivated than the average person. They like to achieve and are pretty hard on themselves if they don’t get what they strive for.

Likewise, they’ll want to date someone who’s equally ambitious.

4. They’re analytical

Geminis are extremely analytical people, which also makes them self-aware.

While this seems like the perfect recipe for self-assurance, it actually causes a lot of doubt since they’re apt to also consider where they “should” be in life or what they “should” be doing.

5. They’re a little crazy

With two personalities constantly fighting each other, Geminis can seem all over the place and a little crazy. But don’t worry.  No matter how they act, they still love you.

They’ll calm down from whatever argument they had with you in about five minutes and things will go right back to being “normal.”  Well, as normal as any life with a Gemini can be!