Sunday, October 2 , 2022

5 Tips For Taming Your Ego And Practicing Humility


by Higher Perspective

Recognize that you will die.

When you’re feeling into yourself, when your ego is out of control, remember this: someday, your body will give out, your brain will shut down, and your life will be over. What comes next for our consciousness is a mystery, but for our bodies is not a mystery at all.

Remember: you’re only human.

We’re all humans here. We’re animals. We’re organisms. We eat, shit, and die. There’s nothing too special about who we are. What’s truly special is what we can do for others, not ourselves.

Practice mindfulness.

It’s hard to have a big ego when you’re mindful of each moment in which you live. Take a little time each day, many times a day, to really take stock in what’s going on around you. Revel in the fact that you get to experience this moment at all.

Express gratitude.

Consider all the things for which you are grateful and express it! Say thank you to the people you love for being in your life. When you eat, be grateful for the farmers who worked hard and the animals whose lives were sacrificed. (Vegans need not apply.) Be truly grateful for everything you have.

Embrace your empathy.

There are people who claim they’re empaths, as if it were a special, unique sort of distinction. Here’s the truth: we’re all empaths. It’s actually soft-wired in each of our brains. We can suppress our empathy, but we are all empathic. We are able to experience the plight of others as if it were our own. Don’t be afraid to embrace your empathy.

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