5 Tips To Make An Impressive Project Management Resume

Being a project manager is not an easy job. To be able to keep up with deadlines and still maintain the order of the whole project is something not everyone can do. The roles and responsibilities of project manager can be overwhelming to say the least.  You need the organization’s best employees to tackle these key deliverables.

It is a job that requires attention to detail and minute sculpting of each process, it also needs personnel that can multi-task with ease. So, it is not easy for project managers to compose a resume that contains their feats in one or two pages. 

But, what if there were 5 tips that can help you write a job-winning project manager resume along with your key accomplishments? 

In the guide, that is what we aim to help you with. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

     1. Start with a resume summary.

Recruiters receive a good number of resumes every day and sorting the best from the pile of documents is a difficult task. So, apart from choosing a stellar resume template that displays your portfolio correctly, you need to compose a summary.

A summary works as a way to wrap up your resume in 3-4 lines that showcase your professional achievements. It helps you gain much-needed momentum in your job application process. So, go through your resume and identify the key pointers across the entire professional portfolio. 

If you are a fresher, then compose an objective statement. An objective describes your ambitions and professional milestones. 

But, make sure that these are in-line with the target profile. So, understand what a project manager does on a daily basis and compose the objective accordingly. 

     2.Highlight your analytical skills.

Why should the recruiter pick your resume? Hiring managers look for proficiencies that complement the job responsibilities. One of the required key skills in a candidate is analytical skills.

 How can you showcase that in a project manager resume? 

You need to think of it in terms of the analytical skills you have previously used while working on the projects. Some of these skill sets are:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Analysis
  • Research

But, just writing the skills will not be enough. You need to go the extra-mile and substantiate these skills by connecting them with your work. For example, you can mention how your research accelerated the project’s efficiency and helped the company save time. 

    3. Add Key Achievements and a Certifications section

Why are these sections particularly important? Think about it, you are trying to buy a mobile phone, and the features tab says that it can call in sick on your behalf when you are not feeling good. Wouldn’t you just go for it? 

According to a study by Wrike, 80% of high-performing projects are led by a certified project manager. Moreover, key achievements help the recruiters understand what the candidate can do for the company. 

So, these two sections add the zest to your lime. An added ‘wow factor’.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Key Achievement: Add your professional accomplishments, awards, and quantifiable achievements to this section. 
  • Certification: Add your project management certifications along with the key modules and case studies. This will help you validate your expertise as a project manager, especially when you are a fresher. 
  • Add detailed descriptions of your previous experience

What many applicants fail to understand is that describing your experience with previous organizations is as important as mentioning it. This detailed description will bring a professional touch to it and convey your expertise to the hiring manager. 

In this section, you can also introduce infographics. Infographics are an efficient means of portraying information. Give detailed descriptions about how you handled, managed, and strategized the project. 

These details are important and are often omitted from a resume. From a recruiter’s perspective, it becomes a tad bit difficult to judge the candidate. So, why put someone who is trying to give you a job in a difficult situation?

  • Improve the readability of your resume

On average, recruiters spend 6-10 seconds on a resume. While composing this document, you need to be conscious of what you are writing and how it will be perceived. 

You need to make sure that the recruiter pays attention to your resume and can identify essential information with just a glance. 

How do you achieve that?

The professional experience section is the longest section in a resume. This section can change the nature of the document. So, use one-liner bullet points to write details about your job responsibilities. 

Moreover, club a few relevant points with subheadings displaying your expertise. For example, the subheadings can be budget management & risk mitigation, cost optimization & team management, etc. 


Gone are the days when you could make do with just one resume. You need to modify your resume as per the job profile you are targeting. Incorporate the above five tips to compose a job winning project manager resume.