5 Ways to Feel More Adventurous

Do you ever feel like your day-to-day life gets monotonous? If you’ve ever wanted to feel a bit more like your life is an adventure, you are not alone. Many people feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to break out. You may not realize that you can just begin where you are now with small, easy changes.

1.  Try New Things

“Try new things” is advice you’ve probably heard many times before, but how many people actually embrace it? Bringing new experiences into your everyday life is not only more exciting, it might actually make you a more creative and less fearful person. New things can include new foods, new friends or even new hobbies. If you’re not sure where to start, try taking a class or attending an event you would not normally go to and see what happens.

2.  Break Up Your Routine

If you find yourself following the same schedule, eating the same breakfast and watching the same TV shows day in and day out, it may be time to shake things up. Changes to your routine can be small at first, such as changing your route to work or mixing up your coffee order. Once you start to make small changes, you might find yourself feeling more spontaneous, making it easier to make bigger changes when the opportunity arises.

3.  Travel

As much as possible, try to travel. If your time or means are limited, weekend road trips to nearby cities or national parks can accomplish a lot of the same things that cruises from San Diego can. The important thing about traveling is that it broadens your horizons by allowing you to see new places, do new things, and meet new people. If you have the means, international travel is an excellent way to find adventure, while also expanding your mind and deepening your compassion for your fellow human beings.

4.  Embrace Fear

Fear is a difficult emotion to conquer, and a lot of people deal with fear and failure by ignoring it or worse yet, running away entirely. However, not only is it part of the human experience, it is one of the important parts of what it means to be an adventurous person. Is something really a true adventure if there is no risk? Even if it is something small, like being afraid of taking a wrong turn on your road trip, embarking anyways is part of what makes the trip feel like an accomplishment. Mistakes happen in every part of life, but acknowledging your mistakes and learning all you can from them is how you prepare for the next opportunity that life has to offer. By mastering your fear and becoming comfortable with dealing with your mistakes, you will no longer be constrained by them, allowing you to pursue any experiences that call to you.

5.  Dream Big

“Dream big” is another phrase everyone has heard, but not everyone truly understands. Too many people limit their big dreams to the scope of their professional accomplishments or other equally mundane parts of their lives. While having long-term goals is important, and you should certainly pursue them, there should be more to your dreams if you hope to feel truly adventurous. Having something else to work towards or save up for that is just for you, and for joy and self-fulfillment alone, is a great way to pursue adventure even when you are stuck in the daily grind. Dreaming of the book you want to write or the month-long trip to Thailand you want to take is not only a productive way to spend your energy and direct your efforts, but it’s also fun.

There are tons of great ways to break out of your shell and create a more interesting and adventurous life for yourself. The key is to start where you are now and begin with small changes until you have achieved everything you hoped for.