5 Ways to Heighten Your Creativity

Most of us want to become the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Of course, this is going to take time and effort on our part but it’s always going to be possible. Something that most people strive for is to become more creative in various areas of their lives. This might mean having the inspiration to decorate our house or apartment in a way that uniquely shows off our personality or even being able to create a work of art, whether it’s a book, a painting or a piece of music.

But creativity doesn’t just happen – in fact, there’s a theory that becoming truly great at something can take 10,000 hours of practice. However, there are certain things that you can do to help you on your way, and here are just five of them.

Exercise your creativity

It’s a well-known theory that your brain’s a muscle that needs to be exercised to reach its full potential, and creativity is the same. So, try to get into the habit of doing something genuinely creative every single day – draw a sketch, write a poem or do a little street photography, it really doesn’t matter what. It’s all just a question of freeing your imagination and letting it get to work.

Go into the unknown

Research has shown that when you dive into a completely new situation or way of thinking, for example learning a language you’ve no knowledge about or studying aspects of ancient history, it can open up new pathways of thinking. It’s as if whole new parts of your brain have been suddenly activated and, once those synapses have started firing, who knows where it could lead?

Seek some chemical stimulation

From poets like Coleridge to writers like Dylan Thomas, using chemical stimulants has undoubtedly fueled their creativity, not necessarily in totally legal ways. But today, many ways of achieving safe effects are permitted, whether it’s the stimulation of a cup of coffee or some officially obtained marijuana. In the case of the latter, there’s the debate concerning Sativa vs Indica strains – with the former being thought to be the greater stimulant of creativity.

Pick up a musical instrument

There is something about playing music that also unlocks part of the brain, freeing it up for creative thought. For example, did you know that Albert Einstein played the violin or piano when he wanted to stimulate a brainstorming session? So, if you’ve got an old guitar gathering dust or even a harmonica in a drawer somewhere, now’s the time to start playing some tunes.

Change your surroundings

Anyone who’s ever sat at a desk trying to conjure up great ideas will know how hard it can be. Far better to take a walk, along with a notebook to jot down those gems of ideas, and the fresh air will also act as a great stimulant too.

So, take these tips to heart and, while we can’t promise anything, the chances are that the creativity will soon start to flow.