Monday, October 3 , 2022

5 Ways You Can Revitalize Stained Concrete Floors 

Just like most people, we love the look of a stained concrete floor. They add an elegant pop of color to floors in any room. But we also know it can become dull over time – where you once loved your floors to death, you’ve now become disenchanted with the color and the small cracks that have started forming on your concrete floors. Dealing with stained concrete Houston or anywhere else can be challenging when you run out of ideas for it. So if you’re wondering how you can bring life back to the floors you once adored, we have 5 ways you can revive your stained concrete floors.

1. Restain your Floors

We’re not going to lie to you – restaining stained concrete floors is not easy. The same reason why concrete can be easily stained is also the reason it can be hard to give it a new color – and that’s because concrete is extremely porous. Its porous nature thus makes it extremely absorbent to the stain you apply to it. Stains will go deep into the concrete, penetrating past the surface.

If you have floors with patchy staining or if you want to stain it with a new color, you will first have to grind down the surface of the floors. That means hiring professionals to grind down the surface until you reach concrete with a stain that is not as potent as the surface stain. It also works to expose the aggregate in the concrete, which is easier to stain. For this method, you will often get better results if you use a stain darker than your original stain, as the new stain won’t always completely take. It’s important to remember that your old stain will still affect whatever you use to restain.

2. Paint your Floors

It’s true that painting is not nearly the same permanent flooring solution as concrete staining. But in tight times, it does the trick. You can buy an industrial paint coating from most home improvement stores that can then be painted onto your floors. This is different from regular wall paint, which will just peel and crack almost immediately after application.

For concrete paint that lasts longer, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. This is often the better solution if you’re planning to paint over floors in your living room or bedroom, where an attractive floor matters more. But if you’re only painting over floors in the laundry room or in a closet, the DIY method can also work. Concrete paint comes in a wide variety of colors that suit any space, and are also available in different matte and glossy finishes.

3. Restain and Polish your Floors

Restaining and restaining with polishing are two different decorative concrete methods that do different things. As with regular restaining, you will first need to grind down your floors with the help of a professional to get down to the concrete with a less vivid stain. Remember that whatever you lay down as a new stain will still interact with the color of your old stain, so try to pick something darker and within the same family. And because you’re also getting your floors polished, you may want to consider a dark grey stain.

Concrete polishing delivers an entirely different effect on concrete floors. It imparts a rich gloss and sleekness that makes floors appear darker and smoother. That’s why it is an optional second step. If you are someone who is not fond of overly flashy floors, it might not be for you. But if you want your floors to speak, polished concrete certainly makes a statement.

4. Apply a Concrete Overlay to Resurface Your Floors

If you want a completely new and clean slate to work on but don’t have the budget to replace your concrete floors, concrete resurfacing could work for you. Instead of just plain concrete, a resurfacer is a mixture of concrete and a binding agent to make sure it can bond to the surface of your floors. The resurfacer is evenly spread to cover up your old floors. And just like plain concrete, you can choose to design your resurfacer in any way you want.

This makes it a good solution for people who want to try something completely new or want a color that won’t mix well with their old stain. But it should be noted that a resurfacer is a material that does not come cheap and that this option is not the cheapest on the list.

5. Apply an Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy is a material most commonly used in garages and other areas of the home where durability is extremely important. But that is not to say that epoxy floor coatings can’t work in other parts of the home. Besides durability, epoxy is also an extremely long-wearing and easy to clean material that also comes in many colors and finishes. That means a dark epoxy can effectively cover up an old stained concrete floor.

Epoxy is also a relatively affordable material compared to other flooring solutions on this list, which makes it both attractive and cost-effective.