6 Advantages In Converting Your JPG File To PDF Using PDF Bear

PDF Bear is an online platform that allows you to do many things with your PDF files, such as merging, splitting, compressing, repairing, rotating, and, most notably, converting them. Users can convert any file format to PDF and vice versa. Aside from those features, you can also use PDF Bear for free. So here are some of the advantages of converting your JPG file to PDF using PDF Bear.

Easiest Way to Convert JPG to PDF

If you need the right converter for the essential JPGs of yours, PDF Bear will provide the best conversion tools in solving your troubles. Aside from the JPG, its converter can also support PNG or TIFF file formats. If you don’t know how to use PDF Bear, don’t worry because it provides a simple and straightforward instruction for its converter and converting all of your files will be effortless. Besides those great things, PDF Bear is safe, secure, easy, and free to use.

With the conversion tool of PDF Bear for your JPG files, its system can manage the task for you. What users need to do is upload their data that they need to convert, and after a few seconds, the new PDF file is ready for them to download. Follow these simple steps how you can use the JPG to PDF converter :

  1. Upload the chosen JPG file or photo that you wish to convert.
  2. Choose the option that you like.
  3. Press “Convert!” to start the conversion process.
  4. Tap the “Download” button if you need to save the file to the computer or share it through your Dropbox or Google Drive.

All in One Tool

The image converter of PDF Bear can support different file formats. Besides JPG, users can upload files like PNG and TIFF. This tool is perfect if your daily work involves handling these file formats, and converting them into a PDF is a no-sweat task.

Features SSL Encryption for The Files

PDF Bear is proud of its service because they are using SSL encryption and the latest technology. Therefore, this platform ensures the users that the JPG to PDF conversion is secured and can upload without worrying about anything.

Supports All Platforms

With this advantage, users can freely use the JPG to a PDF converter on mobile, laptop, or PC. It is also compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows, and operating systems on mobile like Android and iOS.

You Can Upload Multiple Photos

After the users of PDF Bear uploads a picture, they can still add more images. The JPG to a PDF tool is made flexible in handling multiple photos and merging them into one PDF file.

You Can Access PDF Bear From Anywhere

Whether you’re sitting at your couch, studying at school, working in your office, you can always access PDF Bear without encountering any difficulties. You can use its online converter and achieve the task in converting your images in an instant. There is no need for any offline software, and you can use PDF Bear service for free.


PDF Bear is a beneficial tool for anyone when it comes to handling their PDF files. You can merge, split, convert, repair, rotate, and even put a password on those private PDF files. Aside from its features, you can also use it for free. The instruction that comes with its tools is easy to follow and uncomplicated.