6 Interesting Facts to Know Before Moving to Dallas

What to Know About This Larger Than Life Texas City

So, you have decided to make the move to Dallas. Texas, in general, is a unique place to live and Dallas is certainly no exception to that rule. Whether you are moving to the Big D for personal reasons, job opportunities, or just for a fresh start, there are a few things you will want to know. To make your move all it can be, here are our best tips and things to know before making your move to Dallas. 

Fitting in is Easy

In some smaller towns, outsiders tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Locals immediately know when you are a transfer into the area, and it can be difficult to find a foothold in the local social scene. Dallas is thankfully not one of these small towns. Most of the people that currently reside in Dallas were not native to the city. Dallas has actually grown to be one of the biggest melting pot cities in the nation and the residents wear that as a badge of honor. When moving here, it is not hard to find your place and a group of friends to get to know. Almost everyone has been an outsider at some point, so they tend to understand where you are coming from. 

Not All Texans Wear Boots

When moving to a notable cowboy friendly state like Texas, you may want to immediately run out and buy you a pair of boots to help fit in. In certain parts of Texas, that is certainly an excellent idea. Besides, much of Texas is devoted to rodeo and farmland where a good pair of boots are essential. However, in a large city like Dallas, you may want to hold off buying a brand-new pair for a bit. Take the time to get to know your new place of work and where you hang out socially. Although wearing boots to work with a suit and tie is perfectly acceptable throughout Texas, some company heads tend to avoid the stereotype, so know where your business associates and bosses stand before walking into work with a pair of boots, big belt buckle, and 10 gallon hat. 

Dallas Fort Worth is Not One Word

Dallas and Fort Worth are certainly close and sometimes newcomers may make the mistake of putting both cities together as one. This is not how it is done in this part of Texas. Those who live in Fort Worth are proud and distinct as are the residents of Dallas, so bringing the two cities together as one can be very offensive. There is an untold rivalry between the two, so make sure not to disrupt the balance of Fort Worth and Dallas

Bible Belt Living

For those who have generally lived up north or in the western part of the United States and have yet to visit the Bible Belt states, you will be in for a mild culture shock. Although it is commonly known that everyone in every state does not attend church, do not be surprised if people ask. This is a common thing in Dallas and throughout Texas and it is not done to pass judgment on anyone’s religion. Church goers tend to be proud of where they choose to worship, so do not be surprised if you are invited. Churches are everywhere in Dallas and throughout the Bible Belt, so try not to be offended if you are asked where you attend. It is perfectly fine to tall people you do not or that it is none of their business. 

Storage Units Are Helpful

When moving to any city you need all the help you can get and one of the most surprising assistance during your move will be a storage unit. Storage units in Dallas allow you to move in slowly or to store anything you need. Often moving to a large city like Dallas requires you to first rent a smaller space before choosing one to buy. When you have an available storage unit, there is no need to get rid of furnishings and belongings that do not fit in your temporary space. Additionally, climate controlled storage units in Dallas give you the ability to store even valuable items safely without worrying about the heat and humidity that is common in the state. 

When to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There are some places in the world where the outdoors is an option throughout the year, but in Dallas, at certain times of the year, people tend to stay indoors. Among the best times of the year to venture out into the beauty of Dallas is October through April. Dallas has very mild winters which is a great attribute in contrast to the intensely hot summer season. From May to September, you will largely want to stay indoors with the air conditioner running unless you are going to the pool. It gets hot in Dallas. 

Moving is an adventure and wherever you choose to move, you will want to have some idea of the culture and landscape of where you are moving to. Dallas is unique and an exciting town to live in, so be sure to explore your new home and enjoy the great outdoors during certain months.