6 Qualities of a Good Housekeeper

Getting and keeping a good housekeeper can be a difficult task. There are thousands of search results on Google for advertisements about housekeepers, and it can seem like a lot of information to shift through at one time. Not all housekeepers are the same. You want a housekeeper for your family that is kind, caring, does a good job and is also very trustworthy so that you can leave your home with them. Having a good housekeeper is a great asset to any household. Here are 6 qualities of a good housekeeper.

  1. The first quality you will want with a housekeeper is paying good attention to detail.

A housekeeper cleaning your home will want to make sure that they do not skip any parts of the house, and everything is looking the way it should be. Ensuring the little things look good will make the big things look better. A well-kept housekeeper will know your house well and will be able to make sure of that through attention to detail that it is always looking good.

  1. Another quality is to be loyal.

Depending on your family’s needs, things may come up for your family unexpectedly. A loyal housekeeper will be able to accommodate these needs as long as they can. This is one of the most important qualities that a housekeeper will have.

  1. Flexibility

This is a similar quality of loyalty. A good housekeeper will be able to change their times depending on your family needs. Sometimes unexpectedly your house might need cleaning for company, and a flexible housekeep will be able to understand that.

  1. Communication is key to a housekeeper.

Having an open line of communication between you and the housekeeper will make sure that everything is understood on what is expected, and also there is less stress. A housekeeper should be able to come to you to ask questions or if they have any concerns about your home.

  1. If you have children, having a caring housekeeper is crucial.

You will want a housekeeper that knows you, children, well and will take care of them. As time goes on you children get to know the housekeeper and become comfortable around them. Depending on schooling schedules, a housekeeper might also need to be a caregiver at times as well such as watching them or taking them to school. Always make sure that you and your housekeeper have a good communication line.

  1. The most important quality of good housekeeping is being trustworthy.

Many times you will be leaving your home or possibly your children with the housekeeper alone, so it is crucial that you can trust them and that they can trust you. Your home is one of your greatest assets, so you need a housekeeper that understands that and will take care of it.

A quality housekeeper is a great asset to any household. You might want to consider housekeeper insurance. Make sure that you get a housekeeper with these qualities, and that you do your research before you hire anyone.