Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

6 Signs You’re An Incredibly Intense Person


by Higher Perspective

You wear your feelings on your sleeve.

You tend to open up with new people incredibly fast. You don’t sugarcoat how you feel and are often humorously blunt. You don’t care who knows how you truly feel.

You care deeply about everything.

Face it, there are few things you aren’t passionate about. You either feel passionate about something or completely don’t care. No middle ground at all. When you do find your passion, you fight endlessly for it. And with that in mind…

You fight without restriction.

When you get into it with someone or something, it’s a fight to the death. Your intensity doesn’t always manifest itself as pure aggression though. You tend to be smart about it, very calculating. Don’t cross an intense person. They’ll go all House of Cards on your ass.

You speak concisely and with conviction.

You never ever ever say anything that you don’t absolutely mean. You speak well, but more importantly, your words carry weight. You speak with conviction every time you open your mouth.

You’re sincere.

You tend not to be a bullshitter when it comes right down to it. When you say something, you mean it, be it positive or negative. You are sincere.

You want meaningful conversation.

Conversations about the weather or recent sportsball games don’t cut it for you. You want a meaty conversation, not something topical and meaningless. Meaningful is the way to go. Politics, philosophy, faith, society – these are the subjects you want.

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