Friday, May 27 , 2022

6 Things A Strong Person Should Never Apologize For.


by Higher Perspective

1. Putting themselves first.

Of course there comes a point when you putting yourself first puts you in purely selfish waters, but people often have unrealistic expectations of us and think we’ll always bend over backward for them. Not so. Sometimes we come first.

2. Planning things themselves.

This is an area where strong people often butt heads with their partners, but strong people don’t feel like they have to ask permission to do the things they want to do.

3. Speaking their minds.

“Don’t talk about politics at the dinner table.”

“That’s not polite conversation.”

“Don’t argue!”

These are all equally infuriating things to hear if you’re truly a strong individual. You like knowing you can speak your mind whenever you like and you won’t hold back for anyone’s comfort.

4. Saying no.

We’re constantly pressured to say yes. Say yes to dates, say yes to hookups, say yes to postponing a raise at work, say yes to the whims of our families, but truly strong people know that they don’t have to agree to everything. You do you.

5. Wanting more.

We have the mantra “be happy with what you have” repeated to us so many times that we start thinking it’s a sin to want more. Truly, it’s fine to want more for yourself, your family, or your business.

6. Being free.

Society typically wants us to conform to certain ways of living, but we want to live our lives freely, happily, and however we want. They’ll try to punish us for it, but nothing stops us.

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