Sunday, October 2 , 2022

6 Things You Should Know About Spirit Guides

By: Missy Marston

If you’re thinking about getting to know your spirit guides, or simply want to know more about them, check out these need-to-know facts!

  1. You Have More Than One!

Most people have about four primary guides, who stay with you from birth, and around seven guides that come and go as they’re needed.

  1. Some Stick Around, Others Come and Go

Throughout your soul development, some guides will swing by to help lead you through tough life lessons and dark times. When they are finished, they will move on to others who need them as well. Think of them as a friend who seems to always be there when you need them, but you barely talk in between. It doesn’t hurt your friendship when they’re not around, but you know they will be there for you in your time of need. Other guides are there to watch over you as you grow, both physically and spiritually. They are lifetime, protector guides, and are often the first ones you will meet.

  1. They’re Always There

If you ever feel alone or in need of guidance, always know your guides are there for you, all you need to do is ask! Just as your soul family sends you love and light, so do your spirit guides.

  1. They Aren’t Specific About the Future

First off, your future is always changing based on the decisions you make. Secondly, your guides want you to fully experience life – its faults and celebrations. Telling you what the future has in store won’t only ruin the surprise; it may change your future. For these reasons, your guides will usually give you teasers or hints about future events, but will never reveal them. And take those hints with a grain of salt! Everything is constantly in motion, and your future can always be affected not only by your decisions, but by others decisions as well!

  1. Spirit Guides Can Be Anything and Anyone

Spirit guides come in many sizes, shapes, and forms. They even be your passed relatives and friends (my little sister is one of my guides), although this is very atypical due to the fact that guides have to be unbiased and neutral, which is hard for family members and friends. Spirit guides can be half man half animal, they can be faeries, animals, plants, pure energy, or simply human. So don’t be too surprised if your guide looks way different than you!

  1. They Have Feelings, too!

Spirit guides genuinely love and care for you. They will give you tough love when you need it and are always available to offer you help. Many guides have past life connections to those they guide and want to give you help and guidance as you may have done for them. They feel proud, happy, sad, and really care about your well being. They also have their own unique personalities!

Don’t forget that many of your guides were once human and living the human experience. You picked out your guides before you were incarnated, and therefore have a personal connection with them. This is why guides are often the first spirits to come through; they are the easiest to connect with because, in a way, they are a part of you and your soul.