6 tips for healthy hair, nails and skin

While good hair, skin and nails are often associated with beauty, many fail to understand it has mainly to do with your overall health. It is important to remember that your skin is the body’s largest organ and also the fastest growing, as a result of cell turnover. It is thus, a barometer to measure your current state of health from the inside out. 

Taking care of your hair, nails and skin is not a one-time procedure, it is a day to day routine and involves regular effort. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your hair, nails and skin naturally and healthily: 

1. A clean gut 

It always starts from the inside. Having a clean and healthy stomach is crucial in maintaining a healthy body. It is thus, important to eat clean and right, always. Moreover, eating a healthy diet also aids in a healthy mind. Detoxing your gut once in a while is an important aspect to having a clean and healthy gut. 

2. Hydrate 

Your body is mostly made of water and thus, it is extremely important to stay hydrated all the time. An average of 2 to 3 liters everyday is a must. A dehydrated body results in dry hair and dry skin, making you look flaky and old. Meanwhile, a well-hydrated body gives your skin the plump it needs and bounce your hair needs. It is also an important aspect to a healthy digestive system. Remember, to keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go. 

3. Load on the veggies and fruits

Nutrients and vitamins are an important part of your dietary intake. They not only keep you in good health, but also supply nutrients required for your skin, hair and nails. Veggies and fruits are loaded with several nutrients and will have your health game on, perfectly. 

4. Additional supplements 

While a healthy diet can help in gaining most of the nutrients you need, you might still lack in certain vitamins and minerals. There are several supplements available in the market that can help you up specific nutrients in your body. Biotin and Probiotics are an important part of your skin, hair and nail health,  Natrol biotin 10000 is one of the most preferred ones. It is important that you choose a well-reputed brand of supplements when doing so. Moreover, always consult a professional health coach while consuming these supplements. Supplements like Solgar biotin 10000 are some of the best supplements that you can find in the market.

5. Detoxify 

It is important to detoxify your body from any kind of infection that may have bred, especially in your gut. While there are several natural detoxes that you can consume, there are also store-sold ones. Detoxifying your body on a regularly basis will also help your body absorb nutrients better. 

6. Limit the chemicals 

As it is, our skin and hair are exposed to various free radicals in the atmosphere. Lathering on more and more chemicals through products will only damage them more. Try to look out for skin or hair friendly products with minimum chemicals for best results in the long run. 

While skin, health and nails require regular care, they are not very difficult to maintain. A disciplined routine and a few minutes every day is all you need to maintain your beauty.