6 Tips to Get Up Fresh and Active in the Morning

The bedtime when you are cozy in bed, snoozing away in your dreamland is probably the glorious time for everyone! It is no surprise that most people constantly snooze their alarm button, wake up late, and look like a morning zombie! Chances are you are not getting proper sleep, and you might need to tweak your bedtime routine.

Often times, the day to day rigor can keep your body tossing and turning and keep your mind churning until the alarm starts beeping in your ear the next morning. This gradually becomes the daily struggle of climbing out of your bed and makes you feel like a sleep addict.

If a sleep disorder, a lack of restful sleep, or other underlying conditions about the day are to blame for your morning sleepiness, here’s how you can kick the grouch to the curb and become one of those happy morning people.

Keep your Phone Aside

While scrolling your phone right after waking up might sound tempting, doing this can derail your whole day. Checking out emails and social media can both be a hugely time-consuming task, leaving you in a hurry for your morning routine and storming to reach the work desk on time.

If you do have extra time in the morning, opt for something that can help keep you positive and energized like light exercise, meditation, or journaling.

Check Out Your Bedding

How long has it been since you last bought your new bedding?

While how often you should change your bedding depends on the circumstances, it is highly advised changing your bed accessories the time you feel uncomfortable.

Sleeping on an ages-old mattress is one of the reasons of restless sleep, and can also lead to backache, allergies, snoring, and many other chronic health impacts. 

Not only you should consider replacing your old mattress with a new one from Southern California mattress superstores, but also make sure to keep the bedding clean.  

Further, making the bed and folding blankets would hardly take a couple of minutes, but truly helps get you moving on the further morning tasks. Just imagine how much calmer you would feel at bedtime when you get into a well-made bed instead of a pile of tangled sheets and blankets.


Exercising in the morning instantly awakens your body and mind. It also encourages good blood flow throughout the body and relaxes your stiff muscles, especially when you literally sleep in the same position all night on that one tiny area of the bed.

Exercising also helps in:

  • Increasing flexibility and endurance.
  • Keeping you active and energized.
  • Reducing health risks.

Wash Your Eyes with Cold Water

You don’t need to go as far as dipping your face in ice water, but a couple of splashes of cold water will wake you up from your dreamland fast. Added bonus- cold water would act as a natural toner, which can be helpful in tightening your pores and making your skin glow.  

Drink Water over Coffee

Drinking a glass of water before going ahead for your morning tea or coffee can help rev your metabolism and rehydrate your body. Taking caffeine over water can make you more likely to become dehydrated.

Dehydration may cause infrequent urination, confusion, fatigue, and dizziness — other chronic symptoms that you definitely would not want to experience throughout your day.

Include Protein in Your Meal

Proteins are one of the vital nutrients that your body needs to build and repair tissues. It simply makes sense to power your body with a protein-rich breakfast, like a protein shake or hard-boiled eggs, instead of a muffin or a sugary doughnut that can mess with your sugar levels and sap your energy. 


If you think the lazy morning routine is controlling you, make it work for you by avoiding your mobile phones, prepping clothes, meals ahead of time, and make sure to eat right!