Saturday, October 1 , 2022

6 Ways To Make A Taurus Feel Loved


Men and women that are born under Taurus can make amazing partners. They are stable, mentally, emotionally and fiscally so they can put up with the rest of the fitful spectrum.

They are beyond loyal, the only thing they require is your love, respect and trust. If they don’t feel you are trying or you are being unfaithful, be prepared for the horns!

Don’t Push Them To Open Up

Every Taurus is committed to their path of fulfillment and development. This can be frustrating if you are hoping for a little more than what they are immediately offering. Let your needs be known and trust them when they say how they feel and think. Before long, as your relationship grows, they will start to meet you in the middle but not if you are trying to ride them all the way.

Step Carefully My Friend: They Will NOT Forget, But They WILL Forgive

Taurus’s are blessed or cursed with impeccable memories, it really depends on what side of the fence you are on. They will sometimes get frustrated with you if you don’t remember the little things that are important to them. I’m personally a really forgetful person so I’m trying write down little facts I find out at the end of when we hang out.

If you mess up, confess and acknowledge it. No one wants to hears wimpy excuses, especially this powerhouse sign. They will need sometime to recover, but don’t fall off the planet in the meantime, this will be taken as a lack of commitment.

Trust Is Key, So Keep Your Word

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Period. Trust is the most important element for a healthy relationship in the eye’s of a Taurus (and they aren’t wrong). Think before you act and speak, as they will remember.

Don’t Beat Around The Bush

Taurus is a very straight forward sign. They want the truth and they don’t want to have to have a translation menu to decode what you are really saying. Just breathe have faith in yourself and your partner, THEN SAY IT. The simple preface of ‘this is a difficult subject for me’, can grease the wheels really well.

Sex Should Be Genuine And Personal

They are not interested in fly-by-night experiences or swift rendezvous. They want to feel a deeper connection and desire. Those sensations usually stem from taking it slow and being sensual. Start slow and let them tell you to speed it up. It’s easier than trying to slow down.

Respect Them

Taurus needs to feel like you respect them and their decisions. They don’t require daily validation, but need to know that you honor and appreciate their presence and insight. Don’t cut them off when they speak. Ask them what they think or feel. NEVER just blow them off.

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