7 Crazy Television Buying Hacks You Should Know in 2021

Purchasing the right TV for your household is imperative and depends completely on your knowledge of TVs and their corresponding features. Outwitting your TV seller by asking appropriate questions, and ‘hacking’ the situation is based on your research, and can be quite hard with the different websites that come up on your Google search. Do not fret, as we present to you a summarized account of our TV buying research

  • Screen Size

One of the first things to get right when buying your TV is its size, and whether it suits your room measurements. Your ideal screen size also depends on the distance of your couch from the TV. An important rule of thumb to follow: HD TV distance should be maintained at three times more than the height of the screen, whereas for 4K Ultra HD TVs, it should be 1.5 times the height of the screen. A simpler logic to remember is that if you can see each individual pixel on your TV, you are definitely sitting too close to it. Generally, for 32 and smaller inch TVs, 4K TVs do not exist as they are too small to incorporate the extreme detail of each pixel. For 40-inch TV sets, 4K and HD TVs are produced with smart TV features, but supplementary features and high-end attributes are slim to none. 49 and above inch TVs normally have pocket-friendly options, and are produced everywhere in both 4K and Full HD resolution with advanced features.

  • TV Types

It is essential that you understand the different TV types that exist to not only stay up-to-date with your knowledge, but also know exactly what you are being sold, and whether you are being ripped off. LCD TVs are normally categorized as the cheapest TV type, and are fairly common as well. They consist of backlights that accentuate the reflection of light that falls on some liquid crystals, which, in turn, are responsible for providing you with the best film-watching experience. QLED TVs are similar to LCD TVs, as they too have backlights. But instead, these backlights get reflected from quantum dots that augment the colour and contrast features of the pixels in TVs. Finally, OLED TVs are premium TVs that are manufactured very differently than the other two TVs. Rather than a backlight, they have several singular bulbs for each pixel that shines individually, and deepens the contrasting features of images. It has been suggested by consumers that 24-inch LED TVs are great investments for individuals that focus on affordable price tags, but expect to experience decent movie-watching experience.

  • Screen Resolution

Portrayed in horizontal and vertical formations, screen resolutions refer to the number of pixels in a TV set. The higher the number of pixels, the greater detail and contrast in your TV. When purchasing a TV, one of the most important specifications to look at is the resolution of the pertinent TV under consideration. With the passage in time and with the constant improvement in technology, many consumers have begun shifting from Full HD TVs to Ultra HD TVs. Full HD TVs have a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Ultra HD TVs or 4K TVs, on the other hand, possess a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution which is about four times greater than the pixels in HD TVs.

  • Availability

The greatest aspect of 4K TVs is that despite being better in terms of the image quality they offer to customers, they also come at cheaper rates in certain markets, and are easier to find because of their high demand and manufacturing rates. Therefore, TVs in demand are important to make note of as well, as they are mostly cheaper than other TV types.

  • Festivity Delight

It would be quite distressing to invest in a TV and be aware of all of the above information if you purchase it at the wrong time. Thus, the greatest TV purchasing hack is to play all your cards right with the information you now have, and buy your TV at the appropriate time. It is normally good to invest in TV sets around the time of certain holidays, because every company in the country tends to give discounts to their customers to celebrate these joyous occasions.

  • Price Skimming Tactics

In certain countries like the United Kingdom, novel TV models are launched in April or July, and can be quite expensive at first. Over time, the prices of these TVs tend to fall. This price skimming tactic works in every country, so it is important to find out when TVs are being released (this also depends on when the TV brand decides to release their latest models), and it is recommended to wait for a while for the price to drop.

  • Imperative Research Studies

Saving the best hack for last, it is also important to remember that as per a few studies, it is suggested that the cheapest price of a TV appears eight months after its initial release, and until six months into the release of a new model, older TV models get cheaper and are still available for sale.

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