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7 Facts You Need to Know About the Most Common Sexual Problem

Every relationship has its challenges, and it takes both parties to identify and deal with them. If you are in a sexual relationship, you can agree that communication is very important in making sure that you and your partner are satisfied in the bedroom. No sexual relationship is identical to the next, but you can be certain that you are not the only ones dealing with sexual problems.

Men in relationships experience unique problems when it comes to sexual intercourse. One of the most common problems men experience is erectile dysfunction (ED). This is when a man cannot get an erection and as a result avoids getting intimate with his partner, which may lead her to think the partner is no longer attracted to her.

Premature ejaculation (PE), however, is the most common sexual complaint in men. It occurs when a man reaches an orgasm or sexual climax before he would have preferred during intercourse. Intercourse is meant to be enjoyed by both partners, that is, both should ideally reach an orgasm. It is often ended, however when the man ejaculates. So it is a disappointing situation when he ‘comes’ too quickly as that shortens the time spent during intercourse and the pleasure.

Symptoms of PE

Men are usually embarrassed about PE but it is something that is known, and there are ways to go about diagnosing PE. The top on the list of symptoms is not being able to delay ejaculation, i.e. climaxing too fast after penetration (within a minute). This is accompanied by realizing that you have no control over your ejaculation and feeling distressed during intimacy.

There are factors that can increase your chances of having PE:

ED: When you are worried that your erection may die out, you may rush yourself through intercourse – leading to PE.

Stress: When you are going through strain, mental or emotional, you may be tense during intercourse and as a result experience PE.

Health issues: Heart disease or any chronic condition may cause you anxiety and thus rush ejaculation.

Treatment for PE

Various methods of treatment exist for dealing with PE. One may seek therapy, that is, speak to a professional about your sexual problems. You may even do this is a couple. Another option is to take oral medication such as these listed here as the top male enhancement pills. There are also certain techniques that one can try to fight PE. Some of these include the following methods:

Stop-Start: This method is prescribed the most in dealing with PE. It involves getting yourself ready for ejaculation either by yourself or with the help of your partner. When you feel you are almost ready to ejaculate, stop for a breath or withdraw for 30 seconds or so, then start over. This will help train you for a more delayed ejaculation.

Condom use: Some condoms, because of thickness, may reduce sexual sensation thus delaying ejaculation.
Explore different sex positions: The missionary position (man on top) makes it harder to control ejaculation for a man. Trying different positions may help delay the pleasure and thus delay ejaculation. One position that may help is when the woman is in control as she will have control over the speed and the strokes which bring pleasure.

7 facts about PE

1. You are not alone. PE is the top ranking problem in men when it comes to sexual intercourse. Mayo Clinic states that at 1 in 3 men confesses to having had to deal with this at some point in their lives. It has also been estimated that 4-39% of men in a common community population have experienced PE.

2. The cause is unknown. There is no exact cause for PE, but speculations have been made around psychological, biological and physiological issues.

3. It may cause erection problems in future. PE is said to be the first symptom of ED. Men who have experienced PE for a long time ultimately suffer from erection problems.

4. It may affect your sex life. PE is a frustration to both partners. It stresses out the one who cannot last long enough during intercourse, but it also affects the one who expects to get more satisfaction from the act but doesn’t because of the partner’s PE problems. This may lead to the avoidance of intimacy.

5. It can happen during masturbation too. PE is not only experienced during sexual intercourse but when one masturbates he may also find that he ejaculates too quickly.

6. There are 2 types of PE. A man can either suffer from lifelong PE, which means you experience almost every time you engage in sexual intercourse. One can also suffer from acquired PE which is experienced when men have had no past problems with ejaculation before.

7. It can be controlled. Men can train themselves to control ejaculation, the same way a child learns to control his bladder at a tender age. Once you have mastered this, the chances of forgetting are minimal.


PE is a common sexual problem among men, and it is embarrassing to admit. A study revealed that out of 1326 men who had PE, 74.4 % had lifelong PE while 25.6% had acquired PE. When you speak up about your sexual problems, either to your partner or a professional, you may find that it makes things easier and more bearable. There are treatments available to help deal with this problem, ranging from seeking medical advice to taking control over the situation. Medication is available to help deal with PE and Biomanix comes with a lot of sexual benefits such as a larger penis that is harder and can last longer during intercourse.

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