7 Key Benefits of Regular Exercise

For as long as one can remember, exercising, working out, and athletics have been around the day-to-day lives of people. If you go throughout every society or time period, there is historical evidence to suggest that activities and sports existed within that society. This doesn’t come as a surprise, but an essential lesson can be taken from it, which is that the benefits of exercising and physical activity have been around for the longest time. And while relaxation can come from a bevy of things, like reading your favorite book, or love quotes, or watching your favorite movie, exercising and working out can have as much of an impactful relaxation effect on your mind and body, if not more. That is only one of the many benefits exercise has on you. There are others. Here are 7 key benefits of exercise.

#7- Exercising Benefits Your Blood

Exercising has a lot of positive perks on your blood, and those perks vary. Exercising can help lower your blood cholesterol level, lower your blood pressure, improves blood circulation, decrease blood fat levels, and more! Regular exercise and cardio is one of the few things that help your body circulate blood and keep it in top shape. Because when you exercise, your adrenaline is up, and your body is constantly pumping blood to keep up with the rigorous physical activity that you are putting your body through. It is good to keep your body active in that way. And it’s even better that you get your body used to that sort of activity, which why exercising regularly is important.

#6- Great for Weight Loss and Weight Management

This one is pretty obvious! Yes, exercising is a great way to lose weight and maintains the weight you currently have. Inactivity is one of the main reasons why a person puts on extra weight and fat. Eating and sitting around afterward will not help your body burn off all those excess calories you just took in. That’s why regular exercise every day helps you lose weight, and also maintain the weight you have. The good part about exercising and weight loss is that any sort of physical activity you are comfortable with will help you lose weight, and maintain weight. For example, running is a great way to lose weight and burn off extra fat, but so is swimming. You can choose any physical activity you want, they will all have -more or less the same effect on your body.

#5- Exercise Helps Boost Your Metabolism

This benefit sort of piggybacks off of the previous benefit, but is a stand-alone benefit on its own. Because besides the fact that exercise helps with the process of your body burning and churning fat, exercise also helps boost your metabolism. Meaning when you exercise your metabolic rate will increase, burning more calories. So when you exercise daily, then you are constantly working that metabolism. Even after you’ve finished exercising, you might be sitting at home on your couch, and your metabolism is still functioning in full gear. That is why people who exercise regularly tend to consume more calories and eat more food because their body and metabolism are in overdrive always burning and working.

#4- It Helps Muscle Growth and Bone Strength

Exercising is also a great way to keep your muscles and bones intact, strong, and growing. When you lift weight and exercise, you are aiding in muscle growth and muscle building. The only way to build muscle is through lifting weight. And you have to help your muscles grow, to keep your body strong as you age. As for your bones, exercising and working out help keep your bones strong and less frail.  Running, lifting weights, sports like football and basketball, are all great ways to enhance your bone density and bone strength.

#3- Exercising Will Help With Your Sleep

It’s only normal to have excess energy bottled up in your body. Through the consumption of vitamins, caffeine, food, your body will tend to store this excess energy. You might find yourself wide-awake in bed at the end of the day, not being able to go to sleep, overrun by the energy you have. Exercise is a great solution to spend all that excess energy in a positive and healthy way. After a good workout and exercise, you will find yourself feeling great and energetic -in fact! But by nighttime, your body would have spent all the energy, and be ready for bed. So much so that your sleep will be relaxed and comforting, not light and uneasy. 

#2- Exercise Stimulates A Better Libido 

Several studies have proven that regular exercise helps improve and boost sexual libido. This applies to both men and women. Women have experienced more orgasms during sex, which began after committing to a regular exercise routine. For men, reports have shown that males perform better during sex after taking up rigorous exercise and working out. Simply applying a workout regimen to your day-to-day life can solve issues like lack of sexual performance, erectile dysfunctions, sexual climax, and many other sexual problems.

#1- It Helps Improve Your Mindset and Reduce Stress

It’s true, exercising can help reduce stress and improve your mindset. For example, anxiety can be caused by a lot of triggers. There is no clear solution to anxiety. However, exercise has shown to help reduce the levels of anxiety that a person has.  That is just one mental strain exercise works in resolving. Stress is another. Of course, relaxation helps reduce stress, but too much relaxation is not necessarily a good thing. This is why exercise helps balance that equation out. Regular exercise helps keeps your mind clear and your emotions balanced. Exercising is the best way to release stress and anxiety, and all that built up energy and tension in your body and muscles.