7 Key Differences Between a Cannabis Dispensary and a Cannabis Shop

 Recent changes in US law have opened the doors for people to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without worrying about harsh judicial consequences. It’s also led to the introduction of multiple cannabis shops and dispensaries across the nation. The question, however, remains, is there any difference between cannabis shops and dispensaries? And if so, what are they? While some people use the two interchangeably, professionals will tell you otherwise.

1.   The Contents of Their CBD Products Differ in THC Levels

One of the key differences between cannabis dispensaries and shops is the THC levels of their products. THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. The compound is famous for its ability to cause the psychoactive, or ‘high’ effect. What you will realize is that CBD shops can only sell products with lesser THC levels. For instance, the law requires them to stock cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC. Those levels are too low to cause any psychoactive effects. Cannabis dispensaries, on the other hand, can sell products with higher THC levels.  However, certain sites like that of CBDFx allow you to buy CBD products of varying potency. You can check out products of all kinds including pure CBD tincture by CBDfx.

2.   Marijuana Dispensaries Only Stock Products Approved by the PA Medical Marijuana Program

Unlike cannabis stores, you don’t just find any old marijuana in cannabis dispensaries. Before they stock any strain, it has to undergo approval by a governing body. That is to ensure they stock only products that help treat numerous conditions. Cannabis stores, on the other hand, stock various kinds of legal marijuana strains, including cannabis seeds. So as long as the product has less than the maximum THC levels required, you’re likely to buy outdoor marijuana seeds online from an authentic store.

3.   They Both Offer Different Customer Experiences

The minute you walk in a cannabis dispensary, you’re going to notice that it is very different from a cannabis store. Dispensaries only employ qualified personnel. There is a waiting room as well as a salesroom where customers go to explain their marijuana needs. Budtenders want to understand what they want to treat so they can recommend the best strain. Marijuana stores, on the other hand, employ people whose function is to give you the product that will make you feel great. Most dispensaries will allow you to buy gorilla glue strain online, while they may or may not be available at a Cannabis shop.

4.   Cannabis Dispensaries Require a Medical Prescription

Before you can purchase marijuana in a dispensary, you need a cannabis prescription. This can only be issued by a qualified doctor. The staff in the dispensary will then find the strain and give you the dosage recommended. A cannabis store, on the other hand, has a different rule. The attendees don’t need a prescription to offer you marijuana. They only need an ID indicating that you are above the minimum age requirement of 21. Once you produce your ID, you can go ahead and order the strain you want.

5.   The Two Have Different Levels of Pricing

Marijuana legalization came with various state laws that some people find difficult to understand. For instance, the taxing of the product tends to vary from one place to another. That is why the prices of cannabis differ in dispensaries and shops. Marijuana from dispensaries comes with a lower price tag compared to that from shops. This is because dispensaries don’t pay high taxes like shops. They thus don’t need to charge high prices for them to make profits.

6.   The Amount of Cannabis You Can Purchase at Each Place Differs

Another thing that differentiates dispensaries from shops is the amount of cannabis that you can buy at once. The law tends to vary from state to state. But overall, you can purchase more ounces of marijuana in a dispensary than you can in a shop.  The law believes dispensaries offer cannabis to treat a condition. That is why in some states, you can purchase only a single ounce in shops and more than 8 ounces in a dispensary.

7.   The Two Differ in Strains

Even though both places have multiple varieties of marijuana strains, it is obvious that shops have more products. You will find the likes of oils, tinctures, concentrates, gummies, vapes, and flowers, among others. Shops emphasize the number of strains and products they have above other things. Dispensaries, on the other hand, only offer approved strains. That means they often have a smaller inventory.

From the information above, it is evident that there is a significant difference between a cannabis store and a cannabis dispensary. They may both offer similar products, but due to laws and regulations, their operation and customer experiences are worlds apart. In simple terms, a cannabis store sells mostly recreational marijuana, while a cannabis dispensary sells medical marijuana.