7 Mistakes You Should Not Be Making In Your Criminal Defense Lawsuit

Are you being accused of committing a crime? Have you been arrested by the police for committing a crime? Has someone filed a lawsuit against you for a crime? Being accused of a crime is indeed a daunting experience.

When you have a criminal case against you, it is obvious that the lawsuit will hamper your future up to some certain extent. A Valery Nechay criminal defense attorney will be able to guide you here and also rescue you.

7 Mistakes You Should Not Be Making In Your Criminal Defense Lawsuit

Though a criminal lawyer San Francisco will always do the best to rescue you from the consequences or at least minimize the penalties for your accusation. But there are also some things that you must refrain yourself from doing.

Here I will tell you about the most common mistakes you should not make in your criminal defense lawsuit. So, let’s get started.


Suppose, at the crime scene, there are two individuals. When the police arrive, one runs away, and another is standing there. Now, think about who is guilty. Yes, this is why you never should run.

Even though you are innocent, running out of the place makes the police believe you are the criminal.

Waiting To Hire A Lawyer

Whenever you are involved in a criminal lawsuit hiring a criminal lawyer San Francisco is a must. You should not wait for hiring a criminal defense lawyer, as you do not have a proper idea about all the allegations that can be charged against you.

Criminal defense lawyers are professions who are experts in handling criminal lawsuits and protecting their clients.

Missing Court Dates

Missing court dates is another mistake that you simply can not afford to make when you have been accused of committing a crime. Whatever you do, never miss your court dates intentionally.

In case you are already out on bail, the judge can anytime punish you for a no-show and order for a re-arrest, which will harm your case.

Failing To Respect The Court

Disrespect comes in several forms when it comes to court. Being uncourteous or impolite to the judge is one of those forms. The other one is showing up at the court in shabby closings and unkempt.

As I have already mentioned, missing court dates might bring you several consequences. Just like that, displaying any hostility to the judge also can cost you a lot.

Talking To Police Without The Presence Of Your Lawyer

When the police say that “you can stay silent if you want to,” always take that advice. Do not say anything to the police till the time your criminal lawyer San Francisco arrives at the spot, do not give any witness, or say anything to the police regarding your case.

A single statement of yours can turn the whole case in a totally different direction. In addition to that, not everyone is capable of handling the rude behavior of the police.

Disclosing Information About Your Case

Never disclose any kind of information regarding your case. Your criminal lawyer should be the only person to know each detail about your case; you should not hide anything from the professional.

But, when it comes to the rest of the world, keeping everything a secret is vital. Especially in the digital world, social media. Always remember whatever you will say on social media can be used against you.

Contacting Your Accuser

Contacting your accuser is the last mistake that you should not make at any cost. For example, for example, you are being accused of sexual harassment. It can be the result of a misunderstanding, so you decide to meet the accuser and clear things out.

Whatever you do, do not ever call or visit your accuser. This can be considered as you are trying to manipulate things, and it will be used against you.

Final Tips

Make sure that you are avoiding all these mistakes when you are being accused of a crime. It is best to consult with a criminal lawyer San Francisco, who will be able to guide you on what to do and what not to.