7 Must-Do’s Before Moving Furniture In Perth

Whether you are just rearranging or relocating to a different place, moving furniture anywhere is a tedious task. Since moving furniture can be a highly involved process, it helps to have an expert furniture removalist in Perth by your side.

The biggest challenge during the whole moving process is shifting the furniture while making sure it remains intact in one piece altogether. However, with some good organizational skills, you can easily make the whole furniture removal process, hassle-free.

1.  Advance Preparation

If you are prepared well in advance, it is always easy to plan a stress-free move. Try to get everything sorted and fixed within your schedule from the moving company.

It is highly suggested to book in advance to secure the preferred date. Also, knowing the date in advance will help you prepare both practically and mentally.


Tips to keep in mind:

  • Pack everything beforehand so there is no waste of time on a moving day
  • Keep essentials that are used regularly for the moving day
  • Empty all the drawers and cabinets of your furniture and lock them so it can be moved easily

1.  Documentation

It is always good to compile all the important documents in one file. These consist of employment, bank, credit, rent, contracts, vet records, etc.

Prepare all the moving documentation in advance like inventory sheets, payment documents, etc. How are you travelling to your new home? If you are not going in your car, be sure to put together all the travel documents like aeroplane tickets etc.

2.  Packing Supplies

There are some important relocation essentials that you must have are boxes, extra tape, bags, packing paper, packing peanuts and bubble wraps depending upon the materials you are packing for your relocation.

Almost in every move be it a short or long one, people tend to underestimate the number of things they have and spare bags that are needed to make the move hassle-free.

As all your belongings are in drawers, shelves or cupboards, etc, it is quite difficult to estimate how much and what kind of packing supplies would be good for you on your packing day.

1.  Keep Children Away

At the time of moving, children are in the most sensitive state. If they are just a few years old, they won’t be able to understand whats going on.

It would be recommended to keep your little infants away at your close friend or neighbour’s home at the time of moving. It is not a good idea to keep your children around with all the traffic of moving men with bulky furniture items all over your home.

This may increase fear among children or they would end up hurting themselves during the whole packing and unpacking stuff.

2.  Food And Drinks

Especially when you are relocating long distance with your car, it is obvious that you need to rejuvenate yourself with a healthy, refreshing and yummy drinks.

Make some sandwiches, get some snacks and water for the long journey ahead. Also, keep plates, plastic cups, and cutlery. Having goodies along the way is also not a bad idea.

3.  Pet Care

Take care of your pets as well. They need to have their bowls for food and water so you could fill them too. Another good option for you is to leave them temporarily at a pet boarding facility for a day or two until you relocate.

Moving with pets is surely a big fun, but you also need to think about their needs as well. The process of moving may be a little stressful for them when it comes to going long distances to a different state.

1.  Keep Access Way Clear

Moving is a long day process and if you live in a busy neighbourhood, many chances that your moving company might not be able to find the ideal parking space for their trucks.

Take the help of your neighbour in the building and notify them in advance so they can assist you to make the access way clear for your local movers in Perth.

To Sum Up

Each and every relocation is one a kind so you can even ask your friends and family, start organizing your stuff nicely and you will see your relocation getting all smoother. Of course, with the right furniture removalists by your side, your move would happen exactly the way you wanted it.