7 Must-Dos For The Wellbeing Of Your Baby

Caring for your baby is an overwhelming experience but it may turn into a daunting challenge if you are new to the parenthood stage. From using the right body care lotion to holding your baby in the perfect position, there are a lot of parameters to be taken care of.

If you are expecting or have been blessed with a baby recently, here are 7 must ways to help you take good care of the little bundle of joy:

Use Organic Products-

Babies completely rely on you. They don’t know which product or eatable will work the best for them, so it is your responsibility to keep a check on what you are using for your baby’s care. There are a lot of baby care products in the market but at the same time, there’re many health concerns too.

One of the biggest examples is Johnson & Johnson’s baby talcum powder. It has been found that J&J baby powder causes ovarian cancer-causing insurmountable suffering to women.

Many reports on talcum powder ovarian cancer say the baby powder contains asbestos developing cancer cells in the ovary. As a result, J&J had to pay a hefty amount after thousands of talcum powder lawsuits were filed.

To avoid such deadly circumstances, you can go for organic products or brands after closely analyzing the product ingredient.

The Rule of 45 Degree Angle-

Practitioners suggest holding the baby at a 45-degree angle while feeding them. Either place a comfortable pillow or give stiff support of your arm to the baby’s head to make the feed time ultra-comforting for the baby, added professionals from Kidsco.

This angle lets the baby eat adequately. Taking care of the right feeding position makes sure you are not letting your little bundle of joy sleep while being fed.

Avoid Crowded Places-

A baby is fragile, weak and completely unpredictable, so avoid taking your baby out anywhere. It won’t just make handling the baby more difficult but may make him/her sick and restless. The best time you start taking your baby out is after 6 or 8 months of delivering the infant.

Vaccinations Are A Must-

New mothers tend to forget the right time for vaccinations which leaves a bad impact on the baby’s immune system. Keep a check on scheduled vaccinations and try not to skip any of them. A missed vaccination can result in a baby exposed to many diseases.

Keep A Sanitizer By Your Side-

A mother’s and baby’s hygiene is of utmost priority. Until the baby is not 1-2 years old, the immune system is ultra-sensitive, so make sure you are keeping a detailed check on the hygiene of your baby.

  • Use a clean cloth to dry your baby
  • Sanitize your hands or anyone’s hand who comes in touch with your baby.
  • Sterilize the baby bottle well.
  • Be watchful of any food or product allergy

Let Your Baby Burp-

Every time you feed the baby, make sure the baby burps immediately. It allows the baby to eliminate gas in the stomach which may cause discomfort, bloating or constant irritation.

This happens because the baby swallows a lot of air while eating the food. The best way to make the baby burp is to pat him or her back gently.


It means mild sun rays warming the baby’s body especially when it’s cold outside. It is a natural source of vitamin D as well. Having said that, never take the baby out in scorching heat. Apart from this, it also boosts the blood clotting system of the baby.

Have happy & memorable parenthood!

Note– Although newborn babies cry often when you see your baby crying for long, make sure to consult a health practitioner as soon as possible. Also, no matter an eatable or baby care product, consult your doctor or check out the ingredients carefully.