7 Storage Solutions Your Home Needs Right Now

Not every homeowner is blessed with a home that has ample space. That’s why organizing some stuff and maximizing the space in it should be the top considerations to create an attractive and cozy home. And this is where storage solutions come into the conversation. 

When it comes to storage ideas, you only have to scour the world wide web for ways to deal with clutter and free up some extra space in your home. And, mind you, there are thousands of them online that you might find it challenging to pick the best home storage. So, I compiled here the best storage solutions that you can apply to your home. 

Wall Cabinets in the Kitchen

Cabinets are a classic solution to save precious kitchen counter space. So, take advantage of that blank kitchen wall by installing nifty storage cabinets to store your utensils, cookware, appliances, condiments, and other cookware. 

Make sure to pick those kitchen cabinets with a beautiful design that can enhance the look of your kitchen area. Also, keep in mind to arrange and categorize items inside your kitchen cabinets so that they will look neat, and you won’t find it hard when you’re looking for stuff in it. 

Storage Baskets

Creatively-designed storage baskets help in more ways than one when it comes to organizing your belongings. You can use them to stash towels, toilet papers, blankets, firewood, books, toys,  and dry goods among other things. 

Buy those baskets that match well with the overall decor of your house. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors that are sure to transform the look of your abode. 

Jewelry Chest

There are some cute and chic jewelry chests that you can use to keep your most treasured bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Look for one that has multiple dividers and compartments for every piece of jewelry you have in possession. Chests are the perfect jewelry storage because you can opt to customize their design according to your liking. 

Storage Racks with Wheels

Another brilliant storage idea that you can apply in your home is a rolling library. Yes,  you heard that right, a small movable library is possible when you have storage racks with wheels in your house. 

You can opt for one that comes with five shelves and four wheels. With this storage solution, you can already put scores of books and magazines in their proper place. Plus, you can move them from one location in your house to another if you like. 

Storage Benches

While it’s true that hallways can be difficult to furnish, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to use the space in there for storage. Nowadays, you can find benches with storage compartments that you can place in your hallway.

This piece of furniture doesn’t only provide a comfy place for seating, but you can also stash your coats, bags, shoes, and cleaning implements in there. So, next time you’re in the market shopping for furniture pieces, don’t forge storage benches in your shopping list. 

Headboards with Hidden Storage

Keep your bedroom neat and tidy by incorporating a headboard with secret storage. This furniture piece doesn’t only isolate you from drafts and colds at night, but it also doubles as storage for various items in your bedroom. 

Nowadays, you can purchase headboards that have secret storage on the sides where you can place your books, magazines, clothes, blankets, wristwatches, gadgets, etc. There are also ones that come with sliding mirror doors that can surely take the aesthetics of your sleeping space to the next level. 

Under-the-Stairs Storage

Having storage space under the staircase is one of the most ingenious ways to maximize space in your house. With this kind of storage solution, you can stow away your books, children’s toys, shoes, pillowcases, cleaning supplies, home tools, etc. 

Storage under the staircase is also an excellent architectural feature that can enhance your home visually. Just make sure that you tell the carpenter your preferred design, or you can ask him if he has some design plan for the under-the-stair storage that would perfectly match the style of your house. 


Organize your belongings and make use of the space in your house properly by applying the storage ideas mentioned above. Go for under-the-stair storage, kitchen wall cabinets, headboards with hidden compartments, storage benches, jewelry chest, racks with wheels, and storage baskets for that purpose.