8 Surprisingly Safe Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

You know what they say. The world can be an intimidating place for a single woman to explore on her own. Though this assertion may be true in one sense or another, it is not an established fact. Certainly, there are destinations across the continents, which are safe and secure for females. Famous spots, which offer a remarkable sense of freedom to the largely repressed gender and well-known sites that allow the solo women travelers to discover themselves and cultivate meaningful social relations.

Indeed, there are. In this post, I will be listing precisely those female-friendly destinations, which you can choose from to conduct your own solo world tour. Check them out below.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Every Icelandic cranny and nook is known to foster a spectacular view. The deeper you explore it, the more transcendental the overall experience becomes. Especially for solo female travelers. Yes, Iceland is a safe haven for women journeying alone for the first time. It has scored a 79.06 mark on Numbeo’s safety index, after all.

You can walk across its grey beaches, party all night in Reykjavik, hike up the dormant volcanic hills, and bathe under its crystal clear waterfalls without fearing for your security. More importantly, you can spiritually renew yourself by observing the Northern lights—a phenomenon you might’ve only seen on TV. The point is, Iceland is an ideal place, which you as a single woman should definitely give a try.

Rome, Italy

According to Numbeo’s crime statistics, you have a 75% green chance of walking around safely on the streets of Rome during daylight. The percentage drops at night, of course. Still, the capital city of Italy manages to get a good safety score when it comes to solo women travelers.

Rome is a romantic hub—an ideal place to delve into some grandiose history and culture. It houses incredible works of art, architecture, sanctimonious relics and culinary works of wonder. Not only that, the ease of accommodation (hostels, Airbnb and Villas on every corner!) makes it a perfect place to explore on your own. To avoid any inconvenience, make sure that you book your accommodation in advance over the internet.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The number shows the crime stats in Demark to be as low as 23.54 while calculating the safety index to be as high as 76.46, which is definitely saying much. Thus, it is without a doubt one of the safest places for a solo female traveler to explore.

Copenhagen is the capital center of Denmark, known for its nineteenth-century amusement park (Tivoli Gardens), its kaleidoscopic canal and harbor (Nyhavn), its majestic castles (Rosenborg, etc.), its street art haven (Freetown Christiana), its groovy nightlife culture, its unique food, and many other marvelous features. So, do give this destination a go when you go on your solo tour.

Dubai, UAE

Dripping in a gold-infused luxury, this popular destination has an 82.88 score on Numbeo’s safety index. Though you may need to follow a basic safety rule set when traveling to this Middle Eastern country as a single woman, rest assured that your trip will be worth it. The city itself is wide and clean, has an ultra-modern architecture, is quick and easy to get around, and is known as the ultimate shopping hub. There are artificial islands, heaven-kissing skyscrapers, miracle gardens, palm resorts and so much more.

Portland, Oregon, USA

One of the most low-key regions in the United States of America, Portland is an undiscovered paradise for travelers, especially for women journeying on their own. The friendly folk and the less perturbed culture adds up to the serenity, which this place offers. That is why it might sound like an unexpected entry on this list, given all the other hi-fi spots. Yet Portland is an astounding eco-friendly region, which sits on the Willamette and Columbia rivers. There are numerous parks, zoos, bicycle trails, waterfalls, exotic gardens, mysterious caves, music festivals and natural wineries that you can visit in peace.

Kyoto, Japan

If you’re tired of feeling asphyxiated within concrete walls and yearn to visit a remote place brimming with beauty, then don’t miss out on Kyoto for anything. It is considered to be a safe destination for solo female travelers, as there are plenty of women-only accommodation and transport options available to foreigners. Other than this, Kyoto is simply an amazing place to be. It is a curious mix of tradition and modernity, offering sites like the famous Arashiyama bamboo forest, the sacred shrines, the imperial palaces, the bustling Nishiki market, and the advanced Kyoto Tower, etc.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Known as Transylvania’s unofficial capital, Cluj-Napoca is Romania’s second-largest city and very popular thanks to its friendly, hip yet relaxed vibe. The city has a large student population and there’s always an event going on: concerts, theater or jazz festivals, arts or street food. And there’s also a very nice specialty coffee culture in the city so be sure to check that! Solo female travelers will feel at home and safe here since there are so many others like them. Look for day trips in Cluj-Napoca that will take you to explore Transylvania or the Carpathian Mountains.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In case you’ve got a flair for the artistic and the gothic elements, then Amsterdam is the place to be. Not only that, it is actually recommended by the experts as an essentially female-friendly solo-travel-supporting destination. Though it may house amazing museums of art and architecture, it is primarily depicted as a musical, fashionable and trendy hub. You can use cycling as your primary means of getting around. In addition, the hostel system and certain hotels like the Jan Luyken make it a safe, affordable and not to mention, a fairly glamorous spot.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that being a single woman with an adventurous spirit should be enough to carry you through the pathways of the world.

Don’t let anything inhibit you. Spread your wings and fly off to any or all of the aforementioned female-friendly destinations. Enjoy your life before it’s too late.

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