Thursday, September 29 , 2022

7 Things Every Man Should Know About A Woman

Women can be elusive difficult beings to understand. So I have cultivated a list of seven things that you should know about women. This list is by far not exhaustive and of course all females aren’t alike. But these are just casual observations that I have made that may help you as you deal with the opposite gender.

01. We like to be listened to AND heard. Too often people are so interested in getting their points across that they fail to listen. Or they listen enough just to interject in order to keep making their point. I recall going to lunch with a coworker who spoke so quickly that I had to keep asking her to repeat herself.  She apologized and said that she wasn’t used to people listening, so she was rushing to make her points. When someone takes the time to slow down and actually hear what we have to say, it is super sexy. It shows us that you value and respect us.

02. Take the listening thing a step further and become attentive.  If you really take the time to listen you will learn things about your woman that you can use against her in the future. This is especially key when you need to buy her a gift. Most times if you are clueless about what to get her, it is because you’re not paying attention. On countless occasions I’ve bought my mom gifts and she always wonders how I knew that it was something she wanted or needed. It’s usually something I hear her say as she is going along with her day, and I pick up on it.

03. Chivalry is very much appreciated. When a man knows what side to walk along side of us and then switches at the correct time:: SWOON:: I still consider myself a quasi- feminist but I like when a man is considerate and has manners. I will go out on a limb and say that a female who doesn’t appreciate chivalry was probably raised by brutes, and you would be doing yourself a favor by parting ways swiftly.

04. Women also want to feel protected. You don’t have to be built in order to make her feel this way, although it would be helpful for eye candy purposes. It’s just important to have a few moves in your pocket should the need arrive that you have to defend her honor.

05. Sometimes we need to be told what to do and not asked. It is a fine line when you are able to be aggressive without being arrogant. To not ask but suggest in a way that makes the woman feel as though you’re not imposing your time. Confidence helps you to get this accomplished. For example, one astute gentleman knew that if he asked me for my permission, my instinct is to say no. So he asked my permission for something, I said no and he proceeded to do it anyway. I smirked and asked him why did he even bother to ask me? He told me that he knew I would say no so he just decided to ask and do it anyway. I liken it to offering me a cookie.

06. Hormones/PMS whatever you want to call it. It’s a real thing! Bring chocolate and keep quiet. Nuff said.

07. Women don’t want to know about your ex, but we secretly need to know about your ex. Does this sound like confusing double speak? All I am saying is that women want to know about what happened in your past relationship, and we also want to know that you have closure and have fully moved on. But we don’t need to constantly hear about your ex. Doing so makes us feel as though you haven’t moved on and just two sentences ago I told you that it was important to us that you have moved on.

So there you have it. Ladies did I miss anything that you feel men should know about us? Share your thoughts at

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