7 Ways Texting Is Ruining Your Life and Relationships

By: The Minds Journal Editorial

While smartphones opened a world of instant communication, the repercussions of the trend became too high. The smartphone generation often complains about health issues that our older generation never suffered with. The common ones being Text-Necks, Strained dry eyes (caused by continuous focus on small texts),

Trust me if I say, A good posture helps prevent these issues. It must sound crazy but standing straight with neck upwards can save you from a lot of pain and surgeries in the future.

The negative effects of texting are not only limited to health issues, there are massive personality & lifestyle disorders caused because of texting. Here are some of the alarming ways how texting affects your lifestyle and personality.

1) Texting Increases Impatience – Texting is a real time communication where you have to wait for the other person to reply. In a lot of cases, the person on the other side might not be as text savvy as you. You take your time and effort to write a long text message and expect to get an instant reply but you don’t. You see where we are going with this!

You spend nights wondering about why the other person has not replied, losing your sleep and inner peace in the process. In short, texting makes you impatience. You want replies at the moment because you are too used to face to face communication. This leads to anger and aggression, making you confront people for no apparent reason.

2) Lack of Social Etiquette Decreases – Texting is nothing like phone calls and face to face talk. The conversation can go on for hours unlike in the other medium of conversations which follow certain rules. A person can be on vacation or in a business meeting when they can receive a text. Texting has no courtesy or formality. It is a shameless medium of letting people know that ‘we are trying to get in touch with you.’

3) Texting Limits You From Displaying Emotions – On text, laughter is not just a laughter, there is no medium to show your enthusiasm and you can only show that you are sad with a few crying emojis. You can show your impatience with a few capital letters and respond to something funny with a HAAHAHA or a lol but there is no way to make that trustworthy.

Texting limits our emotional display. There is no medium to know if the person is actually laughing or just typing on the smartphone.

4) There is no place for Non-Verbal Communication in Texting – Body Language, the sense of Touch, Eye contact and Gut Instincts, all have no role to play in texting communication. And when one removes all these components a Relationship becomes just an “Almost Relationship”

5) It Creates a Fake Sense of Power – The power struggle in text messaging can be felt evidently during a conversation. This becomes higher in the romantic pursuits. While you are waiting for an instant reply, the other person may be using this as an authority by delaying the reply. This impatience is considered as touching a vulnerable point in someone’s life without even meeting them.

This power struggle doesn’t exist in real life because everything happens at the face. Real life will let you know that someone is ignoring you while texting can only create a sense of urgency through read receipts and delivery messages.

6) It Promotes Deception– Texting promotes lying and deception. Where the sender can easily create a false sense of sympathy through their words at any moment they want to. It is very easy to tell someone that they are not well, or they went to sleep early while they were busy on a TV marathon all night. There is no chance of getting caught because there is no way to find it out.

7) Instant messaging can bring couples together or it can set them apart. Texting is a powerful tool that can easily manipulate our lives and relationships.

Would you want to use a tool like this for fake powers, lies and impatient behavior that your partner may not appreciate?

What are your views about Texting and how has texting affected your Lifestyle and relationships?
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