8 Benefits of Owning a Sex Toy

Owning a sex toy has numerous benefits and it’s not all about pleasure. These toys have evolved from something taboo to being highly desirable and common items. 

Nowadays it is not uncommon for both singles and couples to have some kind of adult toy in their bedside table. Purchasing these products has been made more convenient, easy and discreet via online adult shops. 

Big advancements in technology has allowed sex toy manufacturers to come up with many varying types, shapes and sizes available for both men and women to enjoy. The traditional vibrator has been supercharged in modern times.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a sex toy you might not be aware of:

  1. Helps in treating menopausal symptoms

You might be surprised by this, but using sex toys can actually help women suffering from menopausal symptoms. Studies suggest using sex toys can help increase the libido for women in the later years of life. Which leads to better sleep and less sweating at night caused by menopause. Using a slim internal vibrator with enough lubrication can increase the flow of blood to the vagina. 

  1. Aids in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Sex toys can also help men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This is very embarrassing especially for men out there but thankfully, its sex toys to the rescue. Using constriction rings can make a man’s erection firmer and allows the penis to be erect for a longer period of time. 

They can effectively delay ejaculation too. There are also male vibrators that can improve erections because they provide a unique kind of pressure and vibration to the prostate gland, which is responsible for the penis becoming erect.

A study suggests that penis sleeves and prostheses, also known as strap-ons, can be used as substitutes to the real thing in case it’s difficult for a man to maintain an erection especially if his partner takes a long time to climax. The use of these sex toys is highly recommended by experts before considering penile implants.

  1. Using vibrators can help detect vaginal diseases

Women that use vibrators regularly are able detect health problems in their downstairs areas easier. Many women like to use vibrators during their solo play and with regular use they become very familiar with their bodies and can easily tell if something changed. 

  1. Sex toys keep the drive alive

As you grow older, your sex drive also decreases. In men, testosterone decreases and in women, estrogen and progesterone decreases. These are the hormones that give us our sex drive. Using sex toys have shown to fire up your sex life and increase your sex drive.

  1. Enhance orgasm and pleasure

Most women fail to orgasm during penetrative sex without some kind of clitoral stimulation. Using toys like clitoral vibrators during foreplay can help women achieve an orgasm like never before. These toys include small bullet vibrators and rabbit vibrators.

Men can also enhance their orgasm by trying sex toys like prostate massagers. These toys can make both intercourse and masturbation more pleasurable. 

  1. Boost sexual performance

You can easily boost your sexual performance with the help of sex toys. For the men, there are toys such as penis sleeves and rings that help those that need to delay ejaculation. Penis sleeves are also a fun way to artificially increase the size of the penis for fantasy play. 

  1. Improves relationships and mental health

Having regular sex has been proven to improve mental health. As humans, we need physical touch and love in order to maintain good mental health levels. If you’ve been with the same partner for a long period of time, it is not uncommon for the sexual spark to dwindle a little as time goes on. Regularly purchasing sex toys can bring back the spark and fire in your relationship. These toys can allow you and your partner to try different sex positions and experiments with each other’s bodies. Using sex toys also provide both of you something intimate to talk about. You can talk about which toys you want to try or even go sex toy shopping together. 

  1. Stay happy and stress-free

Reaching orgasm can have significant effects to your body and soul, for both men and women. Taking a few minutes away from a busy work week to just enjoy yourself can definitely provide you with tons of happy vibes to survive.

A woman’s body is very unique because it releases oxytocin, a kind of hormone also known as the cuddle hormone that brings her great happiness after having an orgasm. Many women admit to having a more pleasurable orgasm through masturbation than with penetrative sex and this is where sex toys can greatly help. They shouldn’t be used as substitutes for their partners, but it is undeniable that toys like vibrators and dildos can effectively make women climax.