Thursday, October 6 , 2022

8 Mistakes to Avoid During Website Development for Your Business

A website is the most crucial asset that a business can have. Not only is it considered to be a huddle point for all the stakeholders in the picture, but also, it forms an identity—one that defines your business and what it does. Think of Facebook—that blue-colored layout flashes right into your mind. The same goes for YouTube, Google, Walmart or other websites  It is an identity that stays onto your minds for times to come.


What do you think your website identifies as? As a landing page that users open to check if you are legit or not, or a solid base of your business operations? Of course, the latter. That is why a premium website is an important requisite for a premium business, and that’s why people put a whole lot of emphasis on it. The web development firm must avoid as many mistakes as it can. 

8 Horrendous Web Development Mistakes to Avoid

Too much stuff on your website

We’ve all seen those cramped up websites that have too much on them and just looking at them gives the reader’s mind an “error-404”. The most basic mistake that various web developers make is that they leave room for too much clutter on the website. The website doesn’t look very snackable and that scares the reader away. In the age of minimalism, keep your website design as simple as possible.

…Or very few stuff on the website

There’s another problem that involves the minimalists being too good in minimalism. A website as empty as a Bolivian barren land, full of one color in the name of minimalism—that’s not what the client or the users want. An empty website looks like it was just made up for the sake of it and even if the concept of minimalism is being followed, it should be followed in the right proportion—not too little and not too much.

Confusion with Quirk-Fusion

These days, marketing gimmicks have reached a whole new level of creativity. Many websites function with a lot of differential content, from sliders to banners and concealed navigation bars (more on that later), defeat the purpose of a simple website that conveys the message that clients want to convey. That doesn’t mean that you should stop being creative, for website development is all about that, but still, a line should be drawn between confusion and quirk-fusion.

Unclear/Complex CTAs

Sure, “Sign Up Now” might be a bit dragged over, but it still is very effective to an extent—that is why it is in the game. The purpose of a call to action is simple and the most crucial—it gets the leads, which in turn might become an avenue for getting business soon. Keep the CTA design simple and don’t make it so small that it’s unnoticeable. Also, don’t leave it too big that it looks like a malware-bank.

Improper content placement

We’ve all seen websites that have misplaced content. It looks like a banner image, then an explanation, suddenly there’s a widget and wham! You see a completely unrelated section on the website. This might be a fine addition to the website’s aesthetic, but it is simply improper usage of the content. Not only do user studies show that people bounce away from websites in 5 seconds, but a confused user won’t even think of researching further to get an idea. S/he will just move to your client’s competitor.

Irrelevant images

What are we selling? Digital marketing solutions.

What’s on our banner? Cats, dogs, baby yoda and whatnot.

Just to make a website more and more exciting and noticeable, developers and designers believe in using the differential element to give it an outlook that stands out of the regulars. Sure, this is an important tool, but it should be used very wisely. Consider a focus group analysis to check if the audience can relate to your imagery and product/service.

Concealed navigation panel

The navigation bar gives easy access to the website and many web developers give an option to collapse it for more legroom. This kills any opportunity for the user to flow throughout the website.

Improper ad placement

Monetization is important but ad placement is even more crucial. That’s why if you are leaving a place for ads on the website, do it wisely and don’t make it spammy. If ads are concentrated upon, it can turn into a profitable revenue stream that only inflates with more and more traffic.

Final Words

Web development is an art. A developer and the designer are its artists. That is why a good website must avoid all the bad mistakes. Next time you are developing a website, make sure that these websites don’t cost you time, money, efforts and business.