8 Reasons Why You Should Watch Movies at the Cinema

There is no better time to be a movie fan than today. From the number of genres to the quality of effects, and yes, even the number of platforms where you can watch films, film lovers are spoiled for choice.

Today, you can view movies from practically anywhere. Apart from the cinema, you can catch films from streaming sites. But there are still plenty of reasons why you should catch the latest movies at your favorite cinema.

1. Screen size

Remember the first movie that you watched inside the movie theater? Do you remember the sheer size of the images onscreen?

Quite simply, you cannot replicate that at home. And at the hands of a director that takes advantage of this, the results are nothing short of breathtaking. You’ll come face to face with the vast expanse of the jungle, the deep blue color of the ocean, and the magnificence of space.

2. Community

People are naturally drawn to stories, from those told around the first campfire to the ones presented in the latest flicks. And embedded in the DNA of movies is that communal experience that cannot be replicated on smaller screens: the collective oohs, ahhs, and gasps of the moviegoers.

Sure, you can invite friends and loved ones to watch a movie together at your home, but that often pales in comparison to watching a film with strangers who appreciate the same viewing experience as you do. The collective response is visceral.

3. Lack of distractions

How many times have you snuck inside the movie theater to momentarily escape your worldly woes? Movie theaters still provide that opportunity to get away from it all.

You can watch movies and TV series at home, but there are several other things competing for your attention – from your children running around in the living room to the chores desperately calling for your your attention.

Inmovie theaters, it’s just you and the movie. Everything else moves out of focus.

And with that concentration, you can dive deeper into the film, giving you a better appreciation of the underlying message, or even just of the visuals.

4. The booming sound

Even the most basic sound system in theaters is infinitely better than those designed for home theaters. Plus, you do not have to worry about disturbing the neighbors, especially if you watch movies late at night.

Sound is a vital yet often overlooked component of films, adding another layer to the quality of scenes, from the screams of the protagonist running away from a malevolent spirit to the lush orchestral sound accompanying a happy scene.

5. Sneak peeks

Watching movies at the theater is a great way to take aquick look at upcoming movies – the sequel to your favorite film, the last installment of a trilogy that you have been following, the adaptation of a book that you have read.


Of course, you can watch previews of the latest movies online, but nothing can get you as psyched as seeing movie trailers on the big screen.

6. Food and refreshments

Popcorn + your favorite snack + a movie. Can you ask for a better combination?

Or if you are a little old-fashioned, why not go for dinner and a movie with your special someone, like you used to do? Momentarily escape your busy schedule at home and work and spend time alone with the one you love.

7. Support for your favorite artists

If you like a particular actor, director, or even a movie franchise, going to the movie theater is a great way to show your support.

Movie studios look at the performance of artists and their works, and if their latest flicks do well at the tills, it is more likely that you will see more of your favorite actors’ and directors’ works in the near future.

8. Skipping spoilers

Free yourself from spoilers. Want to avoid spoilers that ruin your viewing experience? Get ahead of everyone else and watch the movie before everyone else does. Some theaters even have advanced screenings, allowing you to better shield yourself from pesky spoilers both online and offline.

Fall in love with movie magic again

Watching movies in the comfort of your own home is often a matter of convenience. But if you compare it to watching a movie at the theater, the latter usually wins. There’s a reason why people used to view the act of watching a film as an event – because by and in itself, the very act of going to the theater is an experience.

Allow yourself to be a young kid again and become enamored by the magic of movies. Step into the dark movie theater, grab hold of your favorite food and drinks, and settle nicely into your comfy seat. The movie theater is waiting to take you to fantastical realms.


Paul Fox is the Director of Roxy Cinemas under Meraas Group/DXB Entertainments. Roxy Cinemas currently has five Dubai locations: The Beach, La Mer, City Walk, Box Park, and Bollywood Parks.