8 Simple Ways to Clean Your Jewellery

8 Simple Ways to Clean Your Jewellery

When you have precious jewelry, especially pieces with a lot of sentimental or monetary value, you need to clean them from time to time so they can maintain their sparkle and shine. You don’t need to scrub your jewelry with expensive cleaners or take your items to a professional every time they need a refresh. There are several things you can do at home to keep your jewelry looking great. 

1. At-Home Devices

Because your jewelry is exposed to the elements as you go about your day, it can accumulate buildup and bacteria that can dull its shine and leave it dirty or grimy. Sanitize and rejuvenate your pieces with a professional-grade, at-home jewelry cleaner that features different modes to polish and brighten gems and precious metals. These devices use steam, heat, or special solutions to restore the sparkle to your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

2. Baking Soda

For jewelry that needs to be polished, a paste made with two parts baking soda and one part water can buff away any tarnishing and buildup to reveal a shiny finish. Apply the paste with a soft cloth or sponge and use gentle circular motions before rinsing. This method should not be used on pieces with pearl or gemstones, as the baking soda is too abrasive and could scratch or diminish their finish.

3. Denture Tablets

Some of the same ingredients used to cleanse dentures can be as effective as a jewelry cleaner as professional service. These effervescent tablets dissolve in water and bubble up to remove impurities and grime from your jewelry. Just drop a tablet into clean water and let your items soak for about 30 minutes before you rinse with water and let dry. 

4. Beer

Chances are, you already have the perfect gold cleaner in your refrigerator. A light beer works as a cleaning agent thanks to the alpha acids that polish your jewelry without being too acidic. Just pour it onto a cloth and rub the beverage over the surface of your jewelry. Grab another clean cloth and gently wipe to dry. 

5. Toothpaste

If you have an old toothbrush on hand, you can apply a small amount of toothpaste to it and take advantage of the abrasive nature of the paste to clean your metallic pieces. Be sure to rinse well after you’re done to clear away any leftover paste and unveil the like-new gleam beneath. 

6. Vinegar

The combination of four parts white vinegar with one part baking soda creates a bubbly chemical reaction that both disinfects your jewelry and helps to break down dirt, oils, and buildup. Mix up the solution and let your pieces soak in a clean container for about three hours. Rinse, dry with a gentle cloth, and enjoy the unblemished sparkle of your diamonds and gemstones once more. 

7. Dish Soap

This method can either be applied with a soft toothbrush, cloth, or sponge or used as a soaking solution to clear filth and restore the luster of your jewelry. Dish soap contains compounds that break down oils and hard-to-clean films that develop on the surface of the metals and gems of your accessories, and it only takes a few minutes to buff or soak them away.

8. Foil and Detergent

For an impressive chemical cleaner at home that can remove dirt and restore tarnished silver, place a piece of aluminum foil in a small bowl and fill it with hot water and a spoonful of powdered laundry detergent. Submerge your pieces for approximately five minutes and rinse, buffing away any spots the cleaner missed. This instigates a process known as ion exchange, which can work as well as silver polish to make your jewelry collection shine.