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9 Reasons to Get the CompTIA Security+ Certification from ExamSnap

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral core cybersecurity certification. It helps you to start your career in cybersecurity by providing you with the essential cybersecurity skills. And if your dream is to win a position of a Security Engineer or Network Administrator, the Security+ certification by CompTIA is the best choice. Besides, there are several reasons that make the Security+ a great certification to earn.

Here are the top 9 main reasons to gain this credential:

  1. Opportunity to Work with Government Organizations

For cybersecurity professionals looking forward to working with government organizations, the CompTIA Security+ is the first certification to get. Because the Security+ is an entry-level cybersecurity credential that meets the US DoD 8570 requirements. This ensures that a certified professional not only can perform core cybersecurity tasks but also operate on DoD (U.S. Department of Defense) systems. This credential gives a huge advantage to a Security+ certified professional over someone without the certification while trying to get a job in a government organization.

  1. Vendor-Neutral Certification Gives You More Opportunities

The CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification, which means professionals can build core cybersecurity skills and gain knowledge without focusing on a specific vendor. Having broad knowledge and skills increase the demand for Security+ certified professionals, therefore, more job options become available for them to explore.

  1. Industry Standard Certification

The CompTIA Security+ is one of the most trusted and internationally recognized cybersecurity certification. It is compliant with ISO 17024 standards. This ensures that the certified professionals have the ability to perform cybersecurity tasks maintaining ISO 17024 standards.

  1. Opportunity to Build Your Dream Career

Employers from all over the world trust the CompTIA Security+ certification and use it to identify suitable candidates. This credential gives them the assurance that a Security+ certified professional is qualified enough to handle security tasks and network administration properly. Therefore, most of the time a certified professional gets hired and builds a successful career in cybersecurity. Some of the job positions available for you include Systems Administrator, Security Specialist, Security Engineer, Network Administrator, Security Consultant, etc.

  1. Get High Paying Jobs

A career in cybersecurity offers exciting and high paying jobs to skilled professionals. Although there are plenty of job opportunities available in this sector, just having basic knowledge and skills to perform core security functions won’t be enough to build your dream career. You need an internationally recognized certification that gives recognition of your expertise as well as your commitment to the profession. If you are an IT professional and looking forward to advancing your career in cybersecurity, the CompTIA Security+ is the first certification you should earn. It will allow you to earn annually about $72,000, but note, that it’s not the limit.

  1. Encourages You to Stay Updated

The skillset required for performing cybersecurity tasks is evolving fast. To keep pace with it, CompTIA updates the topics covered in the Security+ exam (SY0-501) once every three years. The same term refers to renewing your credential. This enables certified professionals to stay updated about the latest threat detection and mitigation techniques.

  1. Opportunity to Work from Anywhere

Most of the cybersecurity jobs don’t require security specialists to work at an office. With the Security+ certification, you get an opportunity to build a career in this area and get an opportunity to work from any part of the world.

  1. Built by Experts

For developing and updating the Security+ certification exam syllabus, CompTIA works with some of the leading companies of the IT sector. It helps CompTIA to ensure that the certified professionals are prepared to adopt next-generation cybersecurity techniques by constantly updating the Security+ exam syllabus.

  1. Be a Part of a Community

Earning the Security+ certification, you can be a part of a community formed by the certification holders of around the world. This community enables you to learn from other certified professionals and ask for advice about career advancement.

CompTIA Security+ Exam

The SY0-501 exam for the Security+ certification is a 90-question assessment. It will cost you $399 USD for taking the exam. Candidates need to answer multiple-choice questions as well as performance-based questions. To get the certification, you need to score at least 750 out of 900.

Some complex questions are asked on the Security+ exam to test the expertise of the candidates. Therefore, it is recommended to work at least 2 years on a security-focused IT administration job position before appearing for the exam.

Collecting Study Materials for SY0-501 Exam

Study materials are important for proper exam preparation. There are a lot of websites on the internet offering study materials. But it is always recommended to use only reliable ones. CompTIA and ExamSnap are the two websites you can fully trust. Let’s see why.

CompTIA: On the vendor’s website you are offered four exam training options for the Security+ certification which are a Study guide, eLearning, Exam prep, and Classroom Training. The study guide contains glossary, visually represented course topics along with the exam objectives, and practice questions to test your knowledge of the topics covered in each section. CertMaster Learn for the Security+ is the eLearning program and it contains exam objectives, 40 hours of engaging contents, 24 instructional lessons with performance-based questions, 447 practice questions, and a final assessment of 90 questions to simulate the exam experience. CertMaster Practice for the Security+ or Exam Prep enables candidates to test their knowledge. Finally, the classroom training program is designed for organizations that are looking for instructor-led training.

You can choose one of these options that suits your learning style or use a combination of two or more options.

ExamSnap: It is a great platform that offers you exam dumps for your certification exam. The files provided there are in vce format and can be opened on the VCE Player. This interactive tool creates the real exam environment. Thus, you can train SY0-501 exam questions and check your answers unlimited times. In addition, you can create your own file and train the questions that uncover your knowledge gap. Thus, this option enhances your exam preparation. In addition to exam dumps, you can opt for a training course, designed by real IT experts. At ExamSnap you can find a premium bundle. The Premium Bundle for the Security+ SY0-501 exam contains the following study materials:

  • Questions and answers. All the answers are verified by the experts of ExamSnap
  • Training Courses
  • A Study guide

The materials included in the premium bundle are updated regularly by ExamSnap.


CompTIA always focuses on covering topics related to the latest cybersecurity techniques in the exam syllabus. That’s why candidates are expected to have core cybersecurity knowledge and skills as well as a solid idea about the latest trends and techniques of cybersecurity. To master all the topics covered in the Security+ exam syllabus, we recommend you to get the Security+ SY0-501 Premium Bundle from ExamSnap as it is regularly updated and costs relatively less money. Be completely ready to tackle each exam question with the valid prep material and pass the certification exam on your first try.