A Complete Guide to a DIY Manicure in 2020

You may have been doing your nails yourself, but let’s see whether you have based your steps on the exact manicure process. You may be used to that do it yourself a manicure, but you have to remember that your hands speak a lot about you. Think about what impression you are giving with your manicured hands.

Have you got the exact manicure DIY kit? How do you keep your nail paint looking fresh? To be sure that your alternative to a salon nail treatment is just as lovely, here are the steps and tricks to a cheap and easy manicure suggested by manicures Fredericton technician.

You should have your nail file, scissors or nail clippers, and nail buffer set. You need to get ready a container of lukewarm water, hand cream, cotton wool pads, nail polish remover, cuticle stick, towel, and soap. Obviously, your DIY manicure kit wouldn’t be complete without a nail paint base and your preferred nail polish.

The initial step to a manicure is to get rid of any old nail paint with a nail polish remover before you give your hands a good scrub of soap in your bowl of warm water. Then, you can trim your nails, if possible shorter. Short
nails really look well with nail paint.

File your nails in one direction and not back and forth because this can damage the nail. Now, buff your nail’s surface softly. This will result in a plane surface to apply your desired nail paint on.

With your cuticle stick, slightly push the cuticles back from your nail. Now put your hands back into the lukewarm water for one final round of clean. Then you can massage using your hand moisturizing cream.

Apply the first coat, which will give your nail a decent base for the nail polish. A ridge filling base coat is suggested, and if you are aiming for a light polish, your base coat must have flesh or creamy touch. This will make sure the easy application of the nail paint, and it will be kept looking sparkling.

Wait for at least three minutes for the base coat to dry thoroughly, and then you can apply your nail polish. Apply the polish just above the cuticle in four straight strokes, one straight stroke down the center and one on each side of the nail. Ideally, do not apply end-to-end.

Let the nail polish dry and apply a topcoat in the same way. It has to be fully dry, or else it will smear. Ensure that you use a decent topcoat, a heavy topcoat, so that it will be well at keeping the beneath safe.

Nail salon and spa Fredericton suggested that you reapply your topcoat after a couple of days. This will keep your nail color safe and your manicure stunning. With this DIY guide, your manicure will be as fresh as it came from the salon, and your nails will be good looking, too.