A Comprehensive Guide To Buy Toys For Grown Ups

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It’s been a nervous couple of years, and the future is looking pretty uncertain. One of the big challenges facing adults is that the isolation of the pandemic means that some of our best times can’t happen. You can’t get together with friends for a drink or a meal. Conviviality is hard to Zoom. However, you can share some fun toys with your besties.

Puzzles and Games

If you love crosswords, playing Words with Friends online can really help to connect with your loved ones. If your friend is particularly competitive, treat them to a Sudoku book and get yourself the same. Try racing your pal as you both work through the book, or challenge them on a puzzle that you just can’t solve.

Build New Skills

If you know someone who’s been home-schooling their kids while working from home, they may be in the mood for a fidgety toy with a sense of accomplishment. Treat them to a set of beanbags for juggling and a book of how-to steps to build dexterity. Simply having a tool or a toy they can squish can also be stress-relieving.

Plan a Fantasy Trip

For those with friends who love the beach, send over a cocktail glass, a delivery of all the fixings for their favorite tropical beverage, and a link to images of the most beautiful beaches around the world. Create a few timelines for one trip to one beach with this friend and keep an eye on flight prices.

This form of travel fun can be tied to nearly any interest. If your friend loves trains, send them images of the Durango to Silverton route or the Nordland line to the arctic circle. Make up a shopping list of your snacks and necessary gear.

Fantasy is incredibly freeing on many levels. You may not know when you will get to go, but having a target trip can really make it easier to shed the doldrums born of pandemic uncertainty.

Build Language Skills Together

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give another person is time. If you have a fantasy trip under consideration, make sure you also create

  • a private shopping wish list for all your necessary gear
  • a goals list: If you’re planning to hike the Canary Islands, you will need to get in some steps together now
  • a new language

Learning a new language on your own is possible, but language apps can only get you so far. If you speak a second language, give your friend access to an app that can get them started and schedule meetings so they can practice. You can build this into long conversations on the weekends, such as when you and your friend are ordering groceries or tending to other needs online. By the time you’re ready to travel your friend will be ready to engage in simple conversation.

Gift Them a Blanket Fort

If you haven’t felt like crawling into a blanket fort in the past 18 months, you’re stronger than most. This gift can be as involved as a fibre optic tunnel or as simple as a string or rechargeable lights, a plush blanket and a new yoga mat. Include a sleeping mask to allow your friends to completely disconnect from the world outside their fort.

Something Grown-Up

Speaking of books, consider sharing your favorite erotica with the friends that you know will appreciate it. If you have a book that you have read to dog-eared pleasure, send it to them with a few post-its on your favorite tales and a gift certificate for a few ladies toys.

Scented candles, a soft waffle-weave robe and body oil may also suit. Solo sex can be incredibly relaxing when stress levels are high. If this lady is in a relationship, send enough oil for two.

Everyone has their own relaxation needs. A good book can take you to a whole new continent, time and universe. A private grown-up toy can loosen up tense muscles, free up your mind and help you sleep more deeply. If you’re sending erotic toys, remember that the sexiest part of the body is the brain. Movies can work, but many women enjoy the benefits of great erotica.