A Few Amazing English Learning Applications for Android

Do you feel that English is your weakness? Do you want to improve your English language but you have nobody to guide or assist you? Well, if that is the case then you should definitely download the powerful android applications. These English learning applications would definitely give you a great time.

You know you can easily get myriad of applications for your English learning from 9apps. This is third party play store and promises you whatever you want in applications. You can learn English in no time and without any challenges once you have the right applications installed in your device. Have a look at some of the wonderful English learning applications below for enhancing your English.


It is one of the finest free English learning apps. It supports well over two dozen languages in total and English is one of these. Duolingo makes use of a fun method for teaching. You do a couple of grammar and vocabulary lessons disguised as games. Thus, the application is surely a little more colorful and enjoyable than the more serious apps. The bite-size lessons also make it easy and effective for quick learning sessions over your lunch break. It is surely one of those applications that should be recommended to everyone who wants to polish their English.

Hello English

Hello English is a popular and adored app for learning English. It allows the users to learn the language from 22 other languages. That should work for most of the people. The app encompasses 475 lessons, offline support, a ten thousand plus word dictionary, and teachers to help you. It also makes use of some fun teaching methods, such as that of daily news, audio and video clips, and even that of eBooks. If you want to give a try to a good English learning app then this should be on your list.


It is one of the more interesting and engaging English learning apps. It makes use of a social network of sorts to teach. You can easily pair up with other individuals. They teach you their language and you can teach them yours. The exchange assists with conversational English, vocabulary, and even that of grammar. The app supports over one hundred languages and even encompasses voice calls, video calls, picture messages, text messages, and audio messages. It is an application that gets you a lot of information and knowledge that too without any hassle.

Learn English Phrases

This is a simple, accessible app for learning this language of English. This one works finest as a phrasebook or reference guide. The application has a bunch of English words and phrases coupled with American and British pronunciations. You can even record your own voice and find out how you sound. This is also one of the better offline English learning applications even if works better as a study help. You can have a great grip over phrases once you have this application installed in your device. You can easily learn phrases that enhance your English conversation and expressions.


Thus, once you have these above-discussed applications on your device, you would definitely experience a great boost in your English Learning.