The world today has a population of 7.8 billion. Every person is born with something different, something that distinguishes them from others. From physical and moral characteristics to personality traits, people differ from one another on almost every level. Moreover, every person has a unique approach to tackle life.

How one deals with their life creates a series of stories that narrate the good and bad times a person went through. Sharing a life story not only helps the individual get a better perspective of their life but also helps other people get inspired and learn valuable lessons about how they should move forward with their own lives. 

The life of Anmol Singh, an exceptional Forex Trader, the finest entrepreneur, and a kind-hearted humanitarian unfolds an array of events. Anmol Singh had his fair share of bad experiences, but instead of being dragged down, he chose to hold on to hope and move forward. His passion for pursuing his dreams is what made him strong and is the reason why he serves as an inspiration today.


Born on April 23, 1992, Anmol Singh opened his eyes in Delhi. He pursued a BSc degree in Honors in Business & Management from Brunel University London. Still a college student, Anmol developed an interest in trading. His interest in the field only expanded, and he started trading while he was still a student.

But before any good could come out of it, things had already begun going downhill. Anmol spent a whole year in the trading industry without bearing the fruits of his hard work. Even then, he clung on to hope with patience and the belief that his hard work would pay off. An amateur then, it took Anmol quite a while before he got a grasp of how things in the trading industry worked. Eventually, his hard work started paying off, and he became a profitable trader. His trading became notable and caught the attention of several investors who asked Anmol to carry out trading for them.

The year 2015 brought Anmol closer to pursuing his dream, and he co-founded Livetraders.com with Jared Wesley. They both shared the same dream, had extensive experience and knowledge of the trading market. Anmol Singh had struggled for the most part when he stepped into the world of trading, and he wanted to be able to help those who were stuck. For this reason, he created Livetraders.com.

Livetraders.come is an online institute set up as a guide to help the young, struggling traders learn the art of Forex and stock trading. It serves as a training ground for people who want to excel in trading. It even offers a live session. In this session, Anmol, along with his partners and students, participate in live trading to help others understand how trading is carried out. It is considered as the top-ranked Stock Market, Forex, and Options educational platform. 

Livetraders.com has helped more than 10,000 students from the day it was established. Some traders who got their training from Livetraders.com have been able to earn up to $3,000 a week!

With Livetraders.com, Anmol Singh’s presence in the industry became prominent, and he got featured in several different online platforms podcasts as well. His podcasts are all across the internet, making Anmol Singh an online influencer in the world of finance and investing.

Anmol Singh’s hard work is not limited to Forex and trading; he also has investments in a franchise of an auto repair center. He spends more than 12 hours in the franchise and single-handedly manages its operations.


Being a successful trader and entrepreneur only brought Anmol closer to the idea of giving back to his community. He has always been at the front line of charitable work and volunteering. He says, “If you are running a business in a community, it is important to have some kind of community give back. Volunteering is something that I like to make part of any business that I do because it gives me purpose and drives me to do my business a lot better.”

The members of Baldwin Little Leagues sent a letter to Anmol Singh, asking the young entrepreneur to sponsor the league. Happy to be given the opportunity, Anmol responded positively. He also helped in collecting donations for the Little Leagues for upgrading its field and getting new t-shirts for the summer season.

A fundraiser was also initiated by Anmol Singh, ‘Feeding America.’ The fundraiser was launched on his online training platform, Livetraders.com. He allowed the students to attend the training session at whatever price they wished. The earnings from this fundraiser were donated to charity. 

In 2017, Anmol Singh’s online platform for stock and forex traders announced a scholarship program. The scholarship program was Anmol Singh’s attempt to make things for the less fortunate a little better. The scholarship program helped the deserving and qualified students get a chance to be a part of the training program for free and at great discounts. 

Anmol Singh stated that the scholarship program was an initiative to help change the lives and brighten the future opportunities of qualified students by putting stock market, options, and Forex trading within their reach. 

To help people across the globe gain control of their lives, Anmol Singh has also authored, ‘Prepping for Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life.’


Anmol Singh started his life like any normal person with the dream to be financially independent. What makes him stand out is his determination,  will, and the persistence to keep going to make his dream come to life. Anmol Singh believes with passion and belief; there is nothing a person cannot achieve!