A Quick Guide To Australian Gin

A Quick Guide To Australian Gin

A Quick Guide To Australian Gin

For the past five years, gin has become super popular in Australia. Given that, gin-making distilleries have expanded rapidly. It has gone from about ten distilleries to over a hundred today.

You can attribute this popularity to the exquisite taste and energetic spirit of Australian gin. It also has seen a surge in demand internationally. So, you can be sure that the trend is not dying out anytime soon.

As a consumer, the plethora of distillers means you have a wide range of choices for experimentation. It ranges from Lemon Myrtle, Finger Limes, Bush Tomato, Pepperberry, and seaweed.

Now, it’s time to dive deeper into the world of gin.

What’s So Special About Australian Gin?

Compared to the well-established European gin market, the Australian industry is taking baby steps. Nonetheless, it is experiencing a boom because of the unique botanicals employed in its making.

This gin industry is unique because it is still in its experimental stage. So, new flavours and aromas are springing up every other month. Further, most of them are of excellent quality.

Australia also has a lot of native botanicals that do not naturally grow anywhere else in the world. Besides, Australian distillers have a non-conformist and non-precious approach common in British and other well-established gin distilleries.

The Aussie gin has something edgy and genuine about it, whether in technique or ingredient. As for the taste, it is rich with botanicals and gives a wholesome mouthfeel.

What Goes Best With Aussie Gin?

If you are bored with the usual Gin and Tonic, Aussie gin provides you with excellent options. You can mix it with flavourful cocktails and personalize it to your taste.

You can consume it with classic cocktails since it goes well with vodka. Alternatively, you can pair it with distillery-created cocktails. If you enjoy drinking citrus-flavored gin, you can pair it with water to enjoy a maritime drink.

The best way to drink small-batch gins is by adding some ice cubes and a slice of orange. This way, you can preserve the subtle flavors stemming from the botanicals.

Food Pairing for Aussie Gin

Although Aussie gins use unique botanicals, they follow a familiar pattern when pairing with food.

For citrus-infused Aussie gins, you can match it with seafood dishes. Some of the best pairings include pan-fried salmon and seafood salads. Or, you can pair it with steamed fish, shrimp, or prawns.

You can pair smoked meat with intense flavors like lamb curry for Aussie dry gins. For craft gins, you need to consider the botanicals carefully before pairing the food.

You can also pair gin and ice with fruit berries or chocolate if you have a sweet tooth. It can be blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, or cranberries.

Wrapping Up

Growth in European gin markets like Spain, Italy, and the UK has always been exceptional. Contrastingly, the Australian gin industry has surged in popularity and hit new highs in the past five years. Yet, they are competing with the established market on an international scale.

Besides, many small bars are moving from big cities to small towns. This is an excellent opportunity for the gin industry. Customers have shown an improved and insatiable appetite for Aussie gin in the past few years.

Unlike traditional gin, Aussie gin can blend perfectly with vodka, water, and ice. From dry gin to small-batch craft ones, they go perfectly with a wide variety of food flavors.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to open a bottle today!

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