Advanced Equipment That Are Necessary for Every Golf Course

A golf course may resemble a garden or park from its appearance but it occupies the massive area. This is the main reason why its maintenance has become very tough. A golf course with 18 holes occupies 60 hectares of land. Out of this 60 hectare, turf occupies more than half of the portion. Handling the turf maintenance in 74 acres of land is really a big challenge and only a professional do it perfectly. It requires adequate & powerful machinery that works quickly and neatly. The traditional manual turf mowers are not going to work when it comes to the maintenance of the entire golf course. Many reliable brands are currently supplying their fully-automatic golf course maintenance equipment that you will come to understand in the article below.

Automatic rotary & reel mowers

Neat & clean mowing is the primary requirement of every turf. While handling the massive area of a golf course, you need to make sure that the work finishes as soon as possible. If you take 3-4 days only for mowing, the grass size will be uneven in different areas because of its growth. You need a powerful rotary mower for trimming grass rapidly. These kinds of mowers are equipped with rotary blades capable of trimming grass vertically. Even if the length of the grass is a few feet high, it can easily handle the task.

On the other hand, you need a reel mower for attaining perfection in turf size. Unlike the rotary mechanism, the reels of this mower horizontally revolve forward in order to trim the grass like a scissor. Brands like John Deere and Toro golf course mowers are currently gaining massive recognition in this industry.

Aerators & dethatchers

Once you are done with mowing, the task is not finished. Some of the grass is collected whereas some remain on the ground. This organic residue settles in the form of layers called thatch. To an extent, this thatch is useful after decomposing because it maintains the fertility of the soil. However, excess of thatch halts the growth of new grass. It becomes essential to remove the layer of thatch with automatic dethatchers. These machines are capable of raking in the grass for removing the excess of thatch. After the removal of this layer, nutrients & water can conveniently reach the roots of the grass.

Aerators are also meant for ensuring the adequate supply of nutrients to the soil. The soil needs some replacements after a certain period of time to maintain fertility. Also, adequate air is necessary for healthy roots. This is possible with the help of coring times that revolve horizontally like a reel mower to dig holes in the land. Later, these holes are filled with sand which allows more water deep inside the roots. The Toro golf course mowers manufacturers also supply aerators & dethatchers for large golf courses.


Irrigation is the basic need of every area where you are growing green plants. If it is a massive area of the golf course, water distribution becomes more difficult. The turf equipment manufacturers are providing advanced machinery comprising features like foam maker, hose reel & electric boom for reaching a large area in the minimum time period. There are special vehicles equipped with machinery and high capacity tanks. Turf mowing, aeration & dethatching are occasional tasks however irrigation is regular.

These are the most important tools for the maintenance of a golf course but you also need many other things such as utility vehicles, blower, vacuum, sweeper, dresser, spreader, trap and bunker rakes. Every golf course equipment is expensive and it may go beyond your budget. Therefore, it is advisable to find a genuine used turf equipment seller.