Monday, September 26 , 2022

What This Airline Did for Its Passengers Will Make You Tear Up – So Heartwarming

WestJet did something so special for its passengers… it was a miracle for many who had various xmas wishes. One can argue easily these are marketing gimmicks. Yeahhh why not. Isn’t it worth doing something like this instead of cheating customers with false discounts? Competitions which are highly impossible to win? Ahhh, one more thing. Once a reader asked why Xmas or Jesus on BBN. We repeat our answer which the reader actually accepted to be right. Wherever anything good happen in the name of humanity, forgiveness, giving, love, care and compassion, we’ll not hesitate a second to give that the due attention. We wish for a better world where people respect people. People take care of people and the plant.

Quoting from an independent opinion,  “ It’s a wonderful gesture from one big corporation. I, personally, think it was great; whether it was for publicity or whatever. It brought joy to a lot of people. Now I wish they would go find a whole big group of people who don’t have much and won’t be celebrating in a big way at all this year and make THEIR wishes come true. One thing they did do…..they said a huge “Merry Christmas”…..Instead of a generic no-meaning season’s greeting or happy holidays like most corporations and small businesses have decided to do. I sure give them credit for that”