Tuesday, November 29 , 2022

All European Newborn Babies Will Be Microchipped From December 2016


The information we came across recently will definitely surprise you, and what`s more, you are probably going to be quite disturbed, though.

Namely, from December 2016 every newborn baby in Europe will be micro-chipped. In other words, once the baby is born it will get a microchip installed and each move he/she does from then on will be monitored.

According to the article published in Finnish newspaper and distributed to doctors and medical students, the medical direction and development of mind-controlling technologies will limit our freedom in future.

Many sources suggest that starting from December 2016; every European newborn baby will be obliged to have a RFID chip installed. This chip will serve as GPS sensor and it will be equipped with a micro-disposable battery. Therefore, everyone should have the battery replaced every two years.

The collected data will be stored and transmitted to tablets or cellphones with a specific application installed. Namely, the recorded data will provide the doctors and parents with a real-time insight of the baby`s health condition.

Unfortunately, the FDA has already approved this technology for human use, meaning that it is definitely real. Moreover, besides collecting, storing, and transmitting personal information, this chip will perform many other functions. Sadly, its full capacity will remain unknown.

Source: ourhealthyhouse.com, Via: globalhealthyunited.com