All You Need To Know About AndroGel

Uses of AndroGel

The AndroGel is a medicated gel that is filled with testosterone. It is mainly used for hormonal renewal in men who cannot generate a good amount of testosterone, which could be caused by hypogonadism. This gel is absorbed through the skin, and from there is get into the bloodstream to help balance up the testosterone level in a man’s body. If you want to develop and maintain male sexual properties, for example, deep voice and hair on the body, the AndroGel is best to use. It helps to prevent bone loss and maintain the muscles. It can also serve as a cure for natural sexual desires and strength. This medication should not be used in any case by women.

How to make use of the AndroGel medication

First, you must read the leaflet found in the box if it is available. Patient Information should be made available by the pharmacist before attempting to use the AndroGel. If you have any inquiries to make concerning the product and its uses, you need to ask the pharmacist or your doctor.

Before you buy AndroGel, you should know that there are so many testosterone medications. Therefore it is advisable to note that all these products have different amounts of testosterone and may not be as effective as the other. You should look out for the dosage instruction properly on each of the products you see. Don’t attempt to change any testosterone product without proper medical advice.

If you are utilizing a gel pump, you should properly understand how to prepare using it. The medication can be pumped into the hand or any part you wish, even directly on the needed part. If you don’t know how to make use of the pump, consult your doctor.

The medication should be applied to clean and dry skin of the upper arm only once each day or as directed by your doctor. Make sure you apply only on [arts that can be easily covered by your clothes. Some brands of the testosterone medications may be applied around the abdomen. Before you apply any of these products, ask your doctor which part is fit for the application. Do not apply on injured, broken skin or irritated skin. Avoid the genitals when applying. Do this by yourself, do not give the gel to someone to apply for you.

AndroGel Dosage 

Dosage is dependent on your medical condition, response to treatment, and laboratory test. Wash your hand properly with soap and water after applying this medication. Doing this will help prevent you from spreading it to other individuals through a handshake or any other means. Before you dress up, be patient to wait for the medication to dry off properly. Endeavor to put on clothes that will cover up the region until you have washed the areas with water and soap.

If you want the result to be effective, try to wait for at least 2 to 5 hours, though it depends on the brand that you used. Make sure you allow the gel to be properly absorbed into the bloodstream before you decide to take a shower or go swimming. Don’t be in a hurry to check the manufacturer’s detail or to ask your doctor for more information about the medication. Check the Warning and Precaution section carefully. 

Use the drug every day to get a better result; you can set the alarm to a particular time of the day and follow the set time. 

AndroGel Side Effects

Note that any misuse of the drug can lead to severe side effects such as stroke, heart disease, liver disease, mental issues, improper bone growth in young adults, and abnormal behavior towards drugs, among others. Do not try to increase your dose or use more than the period prescribed by your doctor. One may experience withdrawal symptoms like tiredness, depression, or irritability when the drug is abused or misused. So don’t try to stop using the drug abruptly. Most symptoms tend to last for up to several weeks or months. In conclusion, note that the medication is highly inflammable, so make sure it dries off properly. Don’t try to go near smoke or any burning fire when the medication is applied.