Thursday, October 6 , 2022

All You Need to Know About Standing Desks

You may have heard of the standing desk phenomenon and wondered what all the buzz is about. You might have even asked yourself, “why would anyone want to stand versus sitting comfortably?” If so, this article is for you.

These desks allow you to freely stand up at the workplace and continue working comfortably. Some are adjustable to enable periods of both standing and sitting.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Are standing desks are really worth it? The short answer is yes! They have many benefits that can help improve your productivity as well as even your health. Here are some of the benefits.

They can help Reduce Back Pain

Being in a seated position for a long period of time can make you experience pain in the lower back. One gets pains because sitting for long exerts pressure on the lower back hence compression of the discs in the spine.

To avoid back pain, it is advisable to stand and take a 5 minutes’ walk after every 30 minutes you spend sitting down. This enables blood flow and also allows fluids to reach the lower spine and hydrate the discs hence reduction in inflammation.

With a standing desk, you do not need all this hustle. Standing desks enable one to alternate between standing and sitting and does not affect the progress of your work.

Lowers Risks of Weight Gain

Long hours of sitting make one prone to weight gain. Most office workers sit from the morning, take lunch perhaps even in the same office, then sit all the way to dusk. By doing this, you are adding calories to your body while not doing anything to take them off.

Standing desks help because they promote circulation and movement to help with the burning of calories. Standing after lunch is especially important because it helps in digestion and increases the metabolism of food taken.

Increase productivity

Those who use standing desks are known to increase productivity since they are able to alternate between sitting and standing compared to those who use regular desks.

Standing up while working improves focus and concentration helping you to get more done. You also don’t need to stretch your legs or take a walk as much, even though that is still recommended.

Those who feel fidgety after sitting for too long should definitely get a standing desk. They will help you get rid of the tension in their body and allow you to stay focused on your work.

Improve moods

Long hours of sitting can lead to depression and anxiety. We are all humans and sitting all day can lead to certain negative emotions. We also get feelings of fatigue, stress, and lethargy if we experience long hours of sitting.

A standing desk helps you to get up and move around. This increases the amount of energy and can aid your motivation to get your work done. This leads to mood improvement because physical activity is directly linked to improved mood and even mental health.

Examples of Standing and Adjustable Desks

Soho Rising Desk

This type of standing desk is made in the USA. It has a durable 30 x 60 work surface, silky smooth and quiet German-engineered motor in an electronic desk frame with Intelligent System Protection. It also has 4 preset heights.

It allows for flexibility and transition from sitting to standing in a very short period of time. It has four memory buttons which program the heights of your preference. They offer superior commercial grade products with best-in-class materials that are certified to meet the highest industry standards like UL and BIFMA.

Elevate Adjustable-Height Standing Desk

This type of standing desk has six column configurations for every situation. It has two-column bases and configurations which can support 36” to 84” tabletops. It is available in both rectangular and square columns. It can be lowered or raised at a speed of 1.5” per second with a power consumption of 0.3W.

The Verdict is in!

If your health and productivity are important to you then standing desks are definitely worth it. Plus they can even help you improve your mood and lose weight.