Wednesday, December 7 , 2022

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack Review

People all over the world consider hunting as a great hobby. It gives them the thrill and let them travel through various environments. That’s why most people like hunting and they spend the adequate time of a year in doing outdoor activities. Although some people can’t get the best potential out of the journey, they enjoy it. And mainly it happens when they have lack knowledge regarding hunting, or they don’t use essential gears such as hunting backpack.

As we know, all hunters need a set of hunting equipment to complete the adventure successfully. And so, they carry those hunting commodities in such type of backpack. But most of the hunters face trouble while choosing the bag or using the wrong one. That’s why it is essential to select the best bow hunting backpack. Here, we have chosen the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack that can help any hunter to carry heavy loads conveniently. Let’s check its fantastic features which may fulfill your requirements:

Rain Cover:

Although the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack is not waterproof, it comes with a rain cover which color is blaze orange. And you can find it in a slip pocket of the pack. The rain cover can be useful, especially when you are in a damp climate. In such conditions, the rain cover will keep both your bag and the gear dry as well as safe. The best part of this cover is you can stow it away if you don’t want to use.

Weapon Holder:

Another feature of the ALPS Hunting pack is the drop-down holder. It can securely accommodate a hunter’s bow, rifle or handgun. It doesn’t only hold the weapon but also lets hunters easy access to the firearm.

Hydration Pocket:

The hunting pack features a fantastic hydration pocket. The pocket allows the hunter to carry water conveniently. And so, they can stay hydrated when they are in the field.

Comfortable Features:

The ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Pack enables the hunter to enjoy an excellent level of comfort. It comes with an adjustable torso range. Besides that, the backpack has a waist belt and a shoulder harness. And both of them are well-padded. All these features ensure maximum comfort.

Load Capacity:

Besides providing a lot of features, the hunting backpack gives users comfort even though they carry a heavy load. We are describing in details about these convenient load-carrying features below:

Extension Straps and Frame:

The backpack comes with lashing straps so that users can firmly carry a decent load. Besides that, the entire pack has an aluminum frame which plays a vital role when hunters carry heavy loads.

Waist Belt and Shoulder Harness:

The Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack Features the waist belt which is padded. The waist belt allows users to hold the pack tightly. And the backpack also comes with the shoulder harness; it evenly distributes the heavy load between the user’s shoulders and makes carrying of heavy loads more comfortable.
• Lightweight and durable
• Can hold bow and rifle
• Doesn’t make noise
• Ensures optimal comfort
• Features plenty of rooms for gears
• Fairly priced
• The backpack itself is not waterproof


While inquiring for a hunting backpack, you want tough stuff which can withstand the rugged outdoor conditions. That means you need a functional bag. Besides provides you a high level of ruggedness, your backpack should have a comfortable carrying capacity. In terms of sturdiness, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack can be a suitable option that you can use.

It is an ideal hunting backpack which can make your hunting more comfortable. It has excellent features including the rifle holder, two large gear pockets, and side pockets, etc. It allows you to carry almost everything you need for hunting. So, undoubtedly, it can be a perfect option which can help you to get your job done.