Amazing Yoga Poses for back pain

Yoga is a form of work out and part disciplining the brainpower in both mental, spiritual and physical. This form of exercise has been observed for a long time and originated from India. If you perform this form of exercise which also uses inhalation exercises and other techniques, you can lead a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

If you really stick to doing Yoga and leading a sedentary life, you can achieve peace of mind and happiness. You can improve your mental health and well being if you are constantly leading a life of meditation and yoga practices. This will help minimize being sick or prone to various types of illness. To do this you have to strictly adhere to the practices of yoga and also maintain a healthy diet if you are to achieve your goals.

By practicing this timeless exercise we can build up our strength, improve our respiratory system and have a good energy level. It also helps us reduce our weight and maintain a good weight level when your yoga is practiced daily. By practicing certain poses and exercises you can also eliminate back pain Yoga poses for back pain.

What to do when we get back pain?

It is sometimes natural when we have been working all day at work, seated at a desk; we later experience some pain in our backs. During this time we may apply a cold pact or rub some ointment to relieve the pain. Lifting heavy objects and applying medication is what we do.

There are many yoga exercises for back pain that we can regularly practice at home. You don’t need to start on it straight away. Start with a simple exercise little by little. To ease pain at the lower back you can do the following exercise.

  •  The Supine Twist

For this, you have to lie flat on your back. Your arms should be in the shape of the letter T. slowly bring your knees up to your chest, then lower both knees to the left while you slowly turn away from looking at your knees. Both shoulders should be on the floor. Place a cushion or pillow between your knees to help them from shifting its position. Remain like this for 3 minutes and then repeat for the other side.

  • The Sphinx pose –

This pose is like sitting upright like a dog. When we sit back the lower area of the back flattens, this is why we get pain. The sphinx position helps to keep the back in its normal curvature position. Lay flat on the floor on your stomach; raise your waist upwards straight and your hands straight on the floor. Wait like this for 3 minutes then slowly lower your waist or upper body to the floor. Wait like this as long as you can and then slowly get up

  • Thread the Needle Pose –

You can do this by lying down flat on the floor and lift your legs up off the ground, and then bend your knees down with you wait in this position. Now the right arm should be placed in between the space of the legs, while your left arm is placed on the left thigh. This pose will stretch the hips and lower back and spine.

  • The cat and cow pose-

This is simple and will help to stretch the spine and hips.  Get down to the floor with your hands and knees like as if you are looking for something that you lost on the floor. Slowly inhale in and out while doing this. Then lift your chest towards the ceiling while at the same time breathing in and out slowly arch your back, drop your head down, do this according to how you breathe in and out. Do this exercise for 5 minutes. 

Standing yoga poses

To keep our balance we need to do the following standing poses: while doing this breath in and out to relax our tightened muscles.

  1.  Mountain Pose- for this you stand ramrod straight with your hands and feet kept loosely hanging and feet apart while your weight is evenly divided. Keep your shoulders back. Keep your eyes looking straight. Do this with the breathing in and out exercise.
  2. Lung poses – this will give you tons of energy and strengthen the arms and legs and good for your tummy. Start by putting one foot forward between the hands. Keep your knee over the front of your ankle. Stretch you back leg backward with the foot slightly lifted. Your arms and shoulders are lifted above your head while the palms of your hand should be facing the center. Do this technique for 5 breaths or so.

  1. Warrior pose – Turn your feet in a pivot, this will arch the back foot along the heel of your front foot.  The knee should be kept over your front ankle. Your torso should be upright. Stretch your arms out widely like flying in the wind in opposite directions. Palms should face floor area. You should look at your front middle finger. Do this with 6 breaths of in and out-breathing. Standing Yoga Poses.

Yoga Poses

There are 12 basic yoga poses going up to more advanced poses.  Start by doing simple and small exercises. Always consult with a doctor before embarking on doing any kind of exercise, if you are a person who has not done any kind of pose or exercise.

The following are the basic yoga exercises.

  1. Upright pose
  2. Twist
  3. Forward bend yoga
  4. Pose for knees
  5. Hips
  6. Lower back
  7. Yoga pose for depression
  8. Yoga for digestion
  9. Yoga for insomnia

You can find several other exercises or poses to do according to what will benefit you and help strengthen your muscles and the rest of your body. Doing yoga will help to lessen stress, and help maintain a healthy body. While also stimulating your brainpower.  Ask your doctor for advice on what type of pose is good for you to do. Three minutes daily practice is okay for a beginner. As you get accustomed to your exercise you can increase your breathing techniques to suit you. Yoga poses for back pain