Ambassador to San Miguel de Allende, Broker Greg Gunter Woos Second-Home Buyers

Ambassador to San Miguel de Allende, Broker Greg Gunter Woos Second-Home Buyers

Ask yourself this, do you want to spend your Golden Years after retirement in the same cramped American city centers fighting the clock in a stress-filled environment? Or do you envision yourself enjoying your Golden Years in the history-filled serene environment of a walkable UNESCO village named the #1 City in the World five times by Condé Nast Traveler

San Miguel de Allende real estate Broker Greg Gunter envisioned the latter and back in 2009, made the permanent and full-time move to this village in the heart of central Mexico that has now become the top retirement destination in all of Mexico. If you also have a dream of owning a retirement or second home in the world’s top-ranked city, this short little guide is for you.

Broker Gunter—who opened Mexico’s first and flagship office for the Warren Buffett-led real estate brand Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in San Miguel de Allende—has eased several hundred Americans into the role of homeownership in his adopted hometown. He reached the role as Mexico’s #2 Realtor by sales nationwide across Mexico by helping Americans find their dream home in San Miguel de Allende, easing them through the exact same transition he went through over 14 years ago. “In fact, that’s why Americans love working with me,” notes Gunter,” because I’ve been through the very same experience they are considering. I can walk them through every step of the process.”

As a viral tourist hub, San Miguel de Allende is frequently showcased in TikTok and Instagram videos by influencers, celebrities, internet personalities, and other famous people. The roster of residents include the founder of MTV, multiple Hollywood influencers—from producers to directors—even the Nashville music crowd. Yet despite the international attraction, San Miguel de Allende has avoided the Hollywood glitter, purposefully remaining instead a grounded and cultural environment rich with artists and historians who avoid rubbing elbows with the “real” housewives of Beverly Hills.

Gunter notes that Americans have been drawn to San Miguel de Allende since the late 1940’s when American GI’s came down to take art classes and just stayed forever. “San Miguel was on the cover of Life Magazine in 1948,” adds Gunter, ”and we’ve been getting international press ever since.” The bohemian lifestyle—combined with 480 years of history and preserved architecture—has drawn expats from all over the world, including Europe, Canada, and America, and with our world becoming more virtual, now even attracts young and mid-career families looking to raise a family in San Miguel de Allende while working virtually.

“San Miguel is not just a tourist destination,” notes Gunter. “We’re an excellent destination for easily investing in luxury homes and estates that witness substantial appreciation and provide excellent rental income streams.”  Gunter adds that the city’s reputation has already attracted brands like The Waldorf Astoria, who will open a hotel and luxury residences in San Miguel de Allende by 2025. “That’s an impressive accreditation for a city of 150,000 people,” says Gunter.

San Miguel de Allende—perched high between mountain ranges in central Mexico—has been an internationally recognized world heritage site protected since 2008 by the Council of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town has more than 64 blocks of historically significant sites and natural landmarks portrayed internationally in the coverage by global media companies like Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure, among others.

“San Miguel de Allende has earned the “World’s Best City” title by leading global media companies for over five years,” notes Gunter, nine times among the two aforementioned magazines. “More than just a tourist destination, it presents unique and lucrative opportunities for expats setting up second residences or retirement homes in San Miguel de Allende.”

Real estate Broker Gunter thoroughly enjoys his role as ambassador to this city he has adopted as his own. “Buying a home in Mexico is a first experience for almost all my clients,” notes Gunter, “that’s why the process is so much more educational than it is in the U.S.” He notes his website—unlike those in the U.S.—is more about the city of San Miguel de Allende and its lifestyle, and invites readers to learn more at his site